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I can be described as lover of life, an animal lover, and lover of education. I am constantly striving for knowledge and learning opportunities. I've been around horses my entire life. I enjoy working with horses and their human partners through natural horsemanship philosophies, natural balance bare foot hoof care, reiki, red-light therapy, essential oils, aromatherapy, crystal healing, chromotherapy, flower essences, and more. I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher who offers treatments for people, horses, dogs, cats, and other creatures great and small. I also teach Reiki classes for those interested in learning how to treat themselves, their loved ones, and even their animals! Natural Horse Lover Farm is located in Northern New York between the St. Lawrence River and Adirondack Mountains. Heaven on Earth. naturalhorseloverfarm.com

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Knowing your path

Reiki class went very well today, I love teaching this stuff and my students are always amazing. It was a Reiki Level 2 class full of a great deal of theory, quizzes, and learning galore. My students and I part exhilarated, exhausted, and yearning for more Reiki! Next up, was a Reiki client coming for a session, I equally love giving these sessions. I know I was meant to be on this path of holistic healing and education. I was able to take a moment, for an hour or so, to simply rest and re-energize (with the dogs of course). My house was bussing and I was buzzing with energy and excitement by the end of the day. During the class I was electrified with energy and during the session, my hands were on fire (the client even noted the extreme heat and energy), visualizations were strong, and I felt, very strongly my client's emotional release.  It is incredibly satisfying work and I know I was born to do this, it just took time to find that out.

No matter what it is in life, find your path, you will know when you do, and stay with it and enjoy it!  I have a wonderful and rewarding professional career and a wonderful, rewarding life at home, life is good....life is great!

 Join me sometime in a class or session! http://naturalhorseloverfarm.com/

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