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Monday, December 22, 2014

You can say no

I read the Stacy Westfall Blog post, " The first horse I refused to train" this morning with great interest, frustration, and applause. Before you read my commentary below, go read her post

Okay, you're back.  Now take a breath, reflect, and read on.

To me, it is vital that everyone is on the same page in these kinds of training arrangements and that expectations are clear, principles and goals align. It is the same with any kind of service arrangement really, communicate, be clear, and be willing to recognize when the situation is just not workable. I applaud the Westfalls for their decision. Remember that it is okay for either party to realize the situation is not right and to walk away. You don't have to provide anything to anyone if you don't want to. 

I have a very clear and firm standard of how things roll at my farm and will not bend my rules or principles to suit someone for the almighty dollar (and Rick is in total agreement). I frankly don't care to and will not have anyone at my farm that does not hold the same beliefs and horsemanship ideals. I don’t want anyone here that cares more about goals than principles (it is not all about the blue ribbon folks). I also am not willing to bend and do not want anyone at our farm that does not put safety as a priority. Safety for the horse, safety for the human, safety for the facility. 

We built our farm for our horses and our enjoyment, period. The fact that we have decided to open the doors to help others is not by necessity but out of love and compassion for horses and their human partners (and that certainly can change at any time should we decide). Our events are done by registration, visits by appointment, and we choose what we offer and don't offer, who can come, and who can be asked to leave, immediately, if they don't abide by our rules. We have the fortune of owning and operating a private facility supported by our outside (non-horsey) careers. Anyhow, be safe, enjoy horsemanship, and know that others cannot bully you into anything else---don’t let them, not under any circumstance, ever.

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