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Friday, November 07, 2014

Soul searching again...a good thing

So, I am soul searching, again, and know in my heart that change is difficult but sometimes necessary. As you all know I love Young Living Essential Oils.  The product is very good and has had positive effects on my home, family, and animals. But (you knew this was coming), I am not enamored with distributed marketing schemes like YL and that was the main reason I hesitated to join years ago. It seems more and more these kinds of plans are all over the market for  many products these days. To me, this screams corporate greed which I am not a fan of. Whether I am right or wrong (and I am not interested in a debate on the subject), it is just not working with my beliefs and standards. The amount of money that I have to spend monthly, just in case someone signs up and I would get some kind of credit, makes no sense anymore, it probably never did, I actually feel as if I were truly naïve getting involved at all and against my gut instinct.

Other issues with FDA compliance have arisen and I don't need that kind of pressure or complication either.  And, the customer service has totally tanked, apparently due to a huge swell in business.  Great for YL but for me, it is horrible and unacceptable. Waiting for over two hours on the phone (or waiting for the call back), chat queues that are over 250, many, many products on backorder, all of the time, late shipments, all not acceptable to my high customer service standards.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that as a way to simplify my life and live the way I feel best identifies with my thoughts and needs, I am leaving the Young Living Distributor family.  I plan to continue to use the products I have but will be seeking out a quality, alternative source that is not in this type of marketing and distribution schema. A small organic company would work.  YL is great but they are not Gods and I am confident other quality companies exist that don't have the marketing edge. I am not the first nor the last person to do this and in fact the veterinarian that I was really excited about who was a YL distributor and wrote books on the subject has left too.

By the way, YL is not the only ones on my list of simplification.  I am trying to back out of plans and programs and these types of things that are no longer suiting my needs or desires. You have to live your life, happy, guilt free, and no strings attached.  I am cutting the strings!

If you were wondering,   I will continue to offer therapy with and classes on the use of essential oils. High quality oils are great and important and useful.  The way in which I find and purchase them is what is changing.

(In the time that I took to write this brief post, update my website, finish a grant proposal, and check email, I have been waiting 2 hours for a call back, am in the queue for an email return in 7-10 business days, and am now number 24 in the chat queue - I started at number 220.  Nice work YL -- said no one, ever.)

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