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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Playtime, We Are Ready....Let's make some noise and get this party started!!

We had another drop-in visitor (a stranger to us) wanting to see our barn up close yesterday. A fellow horse farm owner from Jay, NY who passes by annually and has admired our place. I also had a women message me from a local town asking to stop by and tour our place and get in some horse therapy by merely meeting our horses. 

It is surely rewarding to share our project with others and see the happy looks on their faces when they come into the space and realize all of the time and care to details we have taken and are working on.   And, when we describe all of the outdoor spaces and plans for our private horse park, the looks of joy. The photos truly do it no justice, you have to visit. We have worked hard for our entire lives to get here but are humbled and grateful for all that we have and can do. It was necessary though since we plan to retire here in the north country of NY, a place with wet springs, beautiful summers, gorgeous falls, and harsh, cold winters....we are not in Virginia anymore...but don't regret it for a second! We are NY natives, western NY, but know we are home, here near our Canadian neighbors. The fact is, I used to be outside with my horses easily 11 months of the year in VA but not here because of the weather and frankly, My job takes me away from the farm more than ever before. Thus, the desire and need to build the barn and indoor arena to accommodate our new lives.

We are still working on things and there is always and will always be a project going on of course but, the time for playing and working with our horses is finally back. The time for sharing by offering clinics, consultations, and coaching to others is here. Not because we have to but because we want to. The facility was built for us but if we can help others because of it, why not. 

The buildings are actually starting to look less like construction zones. It has been over two years of not being able to devote all of our attention to the animals but the reward is is well worth it for them and us. I cannot wait to test our skill set and start making progress again. Lola has a new saddle that we need to break in, Fosse has some obstacles and patterns to learn, and Whiskey needs to strut his jumping-loving stuff. 

So, if you want to stop by, please do, if you need help, just ask, let's make some noise and get this party started!!!

PS. I realize the blog format and navigation is a bit wonky at the moment. Thank Blogger for that...I just may need to find a new blog hosting service, suggestions? Let me know!

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