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I can be described as lover of life, an animal lover, and lover of education. I am constantly striving for knowledge and learning opportunities. I've been around horses my entire life. I enjoy working with horses and their human partners through natural horsemanship philosophies, natural balance bare foot hoof care, reiki, red-light therapy, essential oils, aromatherapy, crystal healing, chromotherapy, flower essences, and more. I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher who offers treatments for people, horses, dogs, cats, and other creatures great and small. I also teach Reiki classes for those interested in learning how to treat themselves, their loved ones, and even their animals! Natural Horse Lover Farm is located in Northern New York between the St. Lawrence River and Adirondack Mountains. Heaven on Earth. naturalhorseloverfarm.com

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stress relief, pain management, training tune-ups and more!

Are you or your animals in need of some stress relief, pain management, a training tune-up, or just time together learning something new? Check out all of the offerings at Natural Horse Lover Farm from horsemanship topics to alternative therapies for people, their horses, and pets! We offer it all and more! We are not your traditional horse farm and are not just for people with horses. Check us out and share with your friends! http://naturalhorseloverfarm.com

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reiki in the Morning

A wonderful quiet time to give Reiki to yourself and your pets is early in the morning while you lay quietly in bed. For me, it is one very small window that I have to myself and a great way to start the day. The same goes for the horses, early am in the barn, when we are alone and all is still quiet. 

Upcoming Events and Services

Whiskey is wondering why you've not signed up or made an appointment yet!

Upcoming events (so far). If you don't see something you'd like, let me know and I will see what I can do!

December 6th (10-2pm) Reiki 1 Class for People and Animals

December 12th (6:30pm-9pm) Reiki Share (occurs monthly on the second Friday of the month)

December and January - Distance Education Reiki 1 Classes (Accommodated to your schedule, for people who cannot attend a class in person, you still work with me.)

March 7th (8:30-4pm) Equine First Aid for Adults

April 11th (9-1pm) Equine First Aid for Kids

Planning phase events:
Reiki 1 for People in February
Reiki 2 for People and Animals in March
Horsemanship-related events being worked on.....
Advanced Adult Equine First Aid Fall 2015

AND MORE! We have a huge list of services on our website. Please take a look and share with your friends. Make an appointment today!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not your average Reiki classes or treatments

Have you signed up for class yet? What are you waiting for? Class is two weeks away, there is pre-class homework, and the manuals are on their way! Reiki 1 Class is on December 6th, my classes include lecture, hands on practice...and much more....not your average Reiki Classes.

If you are a distance student, we have two options and classes start in December as well. Reiki 2 and 3 classes are also available as well as a Master/Teacher mentoring program option.

There are many opportunities available, if you don't see something, just ask! For more information and to register, please visit http://naturalhorseloverfarm.com/events

***Registration is required.*** Please feel free to share!

If you are looking for a Reiki treatment for you or your pet and not a class, please check out the services link on my website. Again, not your average Reiki treatment..may options available.http://naturalhorseloverfarm.com/services

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reiki Share Scheduled!

A monthly Reiki Share has been scheduled! For more information and to register for this free event, please go to the Eventbright page.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reiki-share-tickets-14406814169

A Reiki share is an opportunity for certified Reiki healers to come together and socialize, reenergize and get to know each other while doing group treatments. No experience is required but level 1 Reiki attunement is required.  Please provide your certificate upon registration. Depending on how many people are present, everyone usually spends about 5-15 minutes on the table and the rest of the time offering to others. You will get Reiki from a whole bunch of people at once! Light refreshments are provided.
Reiki Share Fees: Donations are collected in lieu of an event fee.

Playtime, We Are Ready....Let's make some noise and get this party started!!

We had another drop-in visitor (a stranger to us) wanting to see our barn up close yesterday. A fellow horse farm owner from Jay, NY who passes by annually and has admired our place. I also had a women message me from a local town asking to stop by and tour our place and get in some horse therapy by merely meeting our horses. 

It is surely rewarding to share our project with others and see the happy looks on their faces when they come into the space and realize all of the time and care to details we have taken and are working on.   And, when we describe all of the outdoor spaces and plans for our private horse park, the looks of joy. The photos truly do it no justice, you have to visit. We have worked hard for our entire lives to get here but are humbled and grateful for all that we have and can do. It was necessary though since we plan to retire here in the north country of NY, a place with wet springs, beautiful summers, gorgeous falls, and harsh, cold winters....we are not in Virginia anymore...but don't regret it for a second! We are NY natives, western NY, but know we are home, here near our Canadian neighbors. The fact is, I used to be outside with my horses easily 11 months of the year in VA but not here because of the weather and frankly, My job takes me away from the farm more than ever before. Thus, the desire and need to build the barn and indoor arena to accommodate our new lives.

We are still working on things and there is always and will always be a project going on of course but, the time for playing and working with our horses is finally back. The time for sharing by offering clinics, consultations, and coaching to others is here. Not because we have to but because we want to. The facility was built for us but if we can help others because of it, why not. 

The buildings are actually starting to look less like construction zones. It has been over two years of not being able to devote all of our attention to the animals but the reward is is well worth it for them and us. I cannot wait to test our skill set and start making progress again. Lola has a new saddle that we need to break in, Fosse has some obstacles and patterns to learn, and Whiskey needs to strut his jumping-loving stuff. 

So, if you want to stop by, please do, if you need help, just ask, let's make some noise and get this party started!!!

PS. I realize the blog format and navigation is a bit wonky at the moment. Thank Blogger for that...I just may need to find a new blog hosting service, suggestions? Let me know!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make an appointment - Sign up for a class!

Just because it is getting cold doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself! Natural Horse Lover Farm is way more than just horses! Please check out our services and events pages for opportunities (in-person and distance) or contact me to create new ones just for you! As a reminder, registrations for Reiki classes and Equine First Aid are already open and I am taking appointments for lessons, consultations, and treatments too. Limited openings so don't hesitate! http://naturalhorseloverfarm.com/

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sad time of year for many horses

It is that time of year, the sad time.  Why are you wondering?  Well, I find it really sad to see people dumping horses before winter so that they don't have to feed them.  Many of these horses gave them love and entertainment all summer, went to shows, allowed their children to be obnoxious, and what is the thanks?  Being dumped for cheap dollars to anyone willing to pay (and hopefully not the kill buyers).  I've seen posts for foals too.  People indiscriminately breed their horses and then dump the babies, not cool at all.

I have, as you all know if you read this blog, three horses.  I am offered horses constantly, even for free but I decline.  I decline because I have the appropriate time and room for three, I planned to have three, and despite the urge to save the world, I stick to the magic number of three. Anyhow, you get the point I hope.  Enjoy and care for the number of animals that you have time, money, and space for.  Be realistic because you should be devoted to them, they are living, feeling beings that deserve respect and love, an deserve a safe, stable, long-time home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reiki Class or Treatment, You Decide!


If you are still thinking about my Reiki 1 Class, why not check out the class syllabus - newly added today on my events page! I can also give other Reiki classes, just ask, tell me what you need and I will help you! And, of course, if a class is not your thing, remember that I offer Reiki sessions to people and animals, a great addition to your self-care regimen, it is truly awesome (see the services page). Don't forget, Natural Horse Lover Farm is way more than horses! SHARE!!! http://www.naturalhorseloverfarm.com/events.html

Please note that classes and treatments can be done via distance. Contact me for more information.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Soul searching again...a good thing

So, I am soul searching, again, and know in my heart that change is difficult but sometimes necessary. As you all know I love Young Living Essential Oils.  The product is very good and has had positive effects on my home, family, and animals. But (you knew this was coming), I am not enamored with distributed marketing schemes like YL and that was the main reason I hesitated to join years ago. It seems more and more these kinds of plans are all over the market for  many products these days. To me, this screams corporate greed which I am not a fan of. Whether I am right or wrong (and I am not interested in a debate on the subject), it is just not working with my beliefs and standards. The amount of money that I have to spend monthly, just in case someone signs up and I would get some kind of credit, makes no sense anymore, it probably never did, I actually feel as if I were truly naïve getting involved at all and against my gut instinct.

Other issues with FDA compliance have arisen and I don't need that kind of pressure or complication either.  And, the customer service has totally tanked, apparently due to a huge swell in business.  Great for YL but for me, it is horrible and unacceptable. Waiting for over two hours on the phone (or waiting for the call back), chat queues that are over 250, many, many products on backorder, all of the time, late shipments, all not acceptable to my high customer service standards.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that as a way to simplify my life and live the way I feel best identifies with my thoughts and needs, I am leaving the Young Living Distributor family.  I plan to continue to use the products I have but will be seeking out a quality, alternative source that is not in this type of marketing and distribution schema. A small organic company would work.  YL is great but they are not Gods and I am confident other quality companies exist that don't have the marketing edge. I am not the first nor the last person to do this and in fact the veterinarian that I was really excited about who was a YL distributor and wrote books on the subject has left too.

By the way, YL is not the only ones on my list of simplification.  I am trying to back out of plans and programs and these types of things that are no longer suiting my needs or desires. You have to live your life, happy, guilt free, and no strings attached.  I am cutting the strings!

If you were wondering,   I will continue to offer therapy with and classes on the use of essential oils. High quality oils are great and important and useful.  The way in which I find and purchase them is what is changing.

(In the time that I took to write this brief post, update my website, finish a grant proposal, and check email, I have been waiting 2 hours for a call back, am in the queue for an email return in 7-10 business days, and am now number 24 in the chat queue - I started at number 220.  Nice work YL -- said no one, ever.)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Usui Reiki 1 Class December 6, 2014

Usui Reiki 1 Class by Reiki Master/Teacher Michelle Young, December 6, 2014, 10am-2pm at Natural Horse Lover Farm

Learn about Reiki and become attuned to treat yourself and others including animals. You'll receive a lecture, manual, certification, hands-on practice, and more.

Reiki is a Japanese technique using gentle hands-on healing method with hands gently on or slightly over the body. Reiki is the channeling of Universal Energy for the purposes of healing. It is safe, effective, and beneficial for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and can be used for any issue you or your animals may have.

Register today! 


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New Professional Reiki Membership


As a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, I have become an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki Membership Association. This professional Reiki association features a code of ethics and professional standards of practice and brings together qualified practitioners and teachers. I am really excited with my newest connection to like-minded people!