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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bugs be gone...wait, they already are!

I am the primary caregiver for my horses, dogs, cat, chickens, and cockatiel....oh, and my husband (of course myself too). Over the last several months, I have been changing my old ideas into new, more healthy and natural ones, not perfection but one step at a time.

As an example, for the dogs, flea and tick prevention was always the products from the vet. I decided that for my family, those toxic substances needed to go. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for man...y things now instead of chemicals. For the dogs and cat, Purification. I put a few drops on them and pet them to move it around their fur. Keep in mind, I have four dogs and a cat, we live in the woods and in the country on a horse farm. I can definitively report that everyone is free of bug pests...no fleas, no ticks, and repelled mosquitoes too! They all had a bath this morning so I got up close and personal!

I cannot stop talking about essential oils because they have naturally replaced so many things in my life and the lives of my beloved animals from uses for pain, uses instead of antibiotics, pest repellent, and so much more. I had no idea until I got started. I read and research a great deal and the sky is the limit. By the way, I also have a remedy for people and horses to deter bugs if you wondered...yeah, natural solutions for the barn too.

I post about essential oils on my blog and on my Facebook Page called Young Living with Savvy Horse Girl. If you want to ask questions, let me know. Truly, you can live a natural life. I am a distributor of YLEO because I wanted the better pricing, I never intended to try to get other people signed up and using the oils and now, I cannot stop sharing!

Our farm is all about holistic horse care and natural training, and now our home is about holistic living, life is truly good and I want my family to live long and thrive. (I am also working on eating whole foods...a process for me, more on that later.)

(Always consult your veterinarian or medical professional.  These comments are merely a story of my own beliefs and personal experiences. Please remember that I am not giving you medical advice.)

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