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Friday, March 21, 2014

Time to live purposefully and enjoy it!

Well, it is time to start thinking about my health, wellness, and horsemanship again. I still have many things to do regarding my father's death but feel far more ready to live my life more purposefully again.
My WW Meeting is today at noon and I am looking forward to it. I plan to weigh-in, get over it, and move forward! I have a good sense of what I will be eating this week (although am still planning), and have lots of exercise planned. I have been a vegetarian since November 1st and that is working very well for me.  I am never sick after a meal unlike before when I'd be ill most times after eating. I also splurged during this very stressful time (probably because my own mortality started whispering in my ear) and bought a NordicTrac Xi11 Incline Trainer. It was a nice addition to my other home gym items, a NordicTrac Elliptical, free weights, exercise balls, and many videos.  The plan is to set up the home gym in my barn's heated lounge when it is completed....a totally cool woman cave in the making ladies!

If you were wondering, I have been using Reiki, essential oils, and my Photonic Red Light as support mechanisms during this difficult period in my life and have also added crystal healing therapies. And, I will continue to do so as I find myself again. I use these methodologies with my animals too and with great results.  (Hey, I never claimed to be normal!) Oh, and fun news, I will be getting Reiki level 2 attunement in early May!
I am also starting to think about how to proceed with my horsemanship.  It has totally stalled out, I am almost at a loss as how to begin again but, I'll figure it out, I just need tome to focus and a map to do so.  Any ideas, let me know! I need to not only get back to relationship building but, riding, true play time, and having fun and confidence again. I wish I had a Parelli buddy locally (like my best buddy Clare Evans from Virginia) to be with me and get my motivation and play drive going!
Whew....Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting back to being myself! No, wait, being a better me!
(P.S.  The arena lights are still not installed but that is coming soon, I hope.  Severe weather has been a factor.  And, we still have a lost of ice and snow here with no end in sight! Sigh.)

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