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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Lots of questions....the inquisitive horse!

Fortunately, my horse time didn't look like the cartoon above but I just loved it so I posted it for you all!

Tonight, I had a fabulous time with my horses.  We were all under cover in the indoor arena and I am so happy and thankful to have it.  There are sheets of ice everywhere from a storm a few weeks ago and it is treacherous outside.  The ground is unstable and I tried one time to get the horses back out and it was dangerous and a disaster.  We really need a good thaw. Unfortunately we have been hit with sub-zero temps (-30F to -40F wind chills).  Anyhow, this afternoon I turned the horses out in the arena as I was going to feed, clean, and go back to the house but figured they could stretch their legs.  My back was sore tonight and it is cold so I was not planning on staying too long. However, they all came to the gate looking for me to play - how could I refuse?! Lola was particularly interested in me so I decided she and I should do something productive.

I tacked her up with the bareback pad and a halter with 12 foot lead. I played a few games on the ground and took her to the mounting block.  She was bracey and unsure she wanted to be mounted.  I watch body language and cues very closely and she was unconfident and unsure. Fosse and Whiskey were of course hanging out with us which is a good and bad thing I think. Rather than push the issue, especially because my back, I did some pre-mounting exercises with her as if she was never mounted.  This seems to put her at ease and she changed her demeanor fairly quickly.  I did what the horse needed, not what I needed - the true sign of a partner and not an adversary. I then, while standing on the mounting block, asked her to circle, 4-6 times in each direction, at a trot.  I did not use a carrot stick but just lifted my energy and used some body language.  This game in particular often gets her emotions in a knot and interestingly enough, she was very responsive and asking questions rather than blowing up.  I wonder if not using the stick helped? Something to investigate. I also don't know if it was my position or just the moment but all interesting nonetheless.  I am so fascinated by horses and their responses to situations, especially having a horse life Whiskey all these years.

I decided that she was truly trying to be a partner despite any thresholds so I got off the block and worked her though some patterns and obstacles. I think she wanted to carry the tarp in her mouth tonight! Then, I asked for sideways in the middle of the arena towards the wall, pivot at the wall, sideways away from and towards me.  She did great, I as elated and surprised, this felt amazing and I've not felt that was for some time. The boys of course were with us all of the way engaging at liberty...too cool, too fun, I wanted so much more!

Realizing we were having fun and knowing that I needed to be provocative to keep her interest up, I got out my Parelli 22' feather lines and taught her to long-ling and drive from zone 5.  She asked A LOT of questions and I expected her to blow-up emotionally but, instead, she paused, I paused, she thought through the more difficult moments, I thought through my own actions, and in the end, we were following the rail quite nicely at a walk, Fosse and Whiskey walking with us! She became responsive to the slightest touch or cue, she was taking clues from my eyes and other body language, from the ropes, and working through a new puzzle. These are all great horses and we have quite a future together...even if everything I do takes forever! Ah, to be able to play horsey 24x7...I do play the mega-lottery, never win but can dream, right?  Horses will never be able to be my income so, I will enjoy and be thankful for the time I do have.  And, this year, I am going to make the time count.

I ended her session on a good note and played with the boys a bit.  Whiskey and I worked on squeeze through the gate - calmly, and Fosse and I did all kinds of games in the arena, after I put Lola and Whiskey in their stalls.  We needed alone time, he actually asked for it and of course, my boy will get my time and love, we needed that time together....all-in-all a great experience and my back felt better afterwards too!  I think the walking and stretching was good for me.

I had to end far sooner than I wanted to because the daylight was gone.  I truly cannot wait until the lights are installed! - that is happening very soon. :)

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