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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Reiki...I think I'm doing it! :)

I realize that I didn't tell you all too much about my Reiki class experience yet.  If you are not familiar with Reiki, it is about harnessing the Universal Life Force Energy in its purest form.  You can do a great deal of research on the subject and I recommend networking with people practicing Reiki or find a Reiki Master. The attunement process was truly transformational. I walked in a skeptic, I left with more questions than I went in with, I now am a sponge for knowledge and believe.

I am trying to practice a bit each night. That said, it must be a professional hazard (remember, academic library director here) but I am inclined to feel like I need a checklist of things to do to start doing Reiki! I am still a bit lost but trying. I am always so afraid to be making a mistake or something. Morgan (my Great Dane) has been my guinea pig and seems receptive and responsive...I think!  I came across this article and wanted to share. Sometimes I feel the energy flow and other times, I feel like it is gone.

Rick is funny. I asked if he'd ever let me do Reiki on him. He had an eyeball ache. He said maybe. Then I said I could  do it at a distance but I would never do it without permission. He said I could do it at a distance if I wanted to. So, I called upon my guides, angels, etc. and felt a tingling in my hands- he said maybe they were falling asleep! LOL I beamed him Reike but not for long as he interrupted me asking about breakfast. He hadn't realized that I was doing it then. I walked over to him and was talking but positioned my hands to beam him in a covert way...he said I can see you hands and we both started laughing. I don 't think it did much good and he is truly not receptive but, we did have a fun moment and it was all worth it for that. He said in such a genuine way that he loved me. He is such a kind person. I told him this is a real thing and reminded him of my medical practitioner colleague at the University, Reike master and that I wasn't a kook. He responded with an, "I know and I love you."

I really feel the desire to learn more and have a level 2 class soon.

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