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Friday, November 15, 2013

Reiki is working....Morgan sure thinks so!

As I wrote before, Morgan has been my Reiki focus since the beginning.  This is a difficult thing, in the infancy stages that I am in, to know it is always working and the feedback from the one receiving Reiki is truly helpful. Tonight, Morgan was fine, rambunctious, goofy, and normal.  She went to the barn with me and then back to the house for some relaxation. After awhile, Rick brought to my attention that something was wrong with her.  I looked up from my iPhone (I was playing a game) and saw she was standing close to the wall, near the woodstove, staring down, nose dripping and out of sorts, truly distressed.  I took her to get a drink of water and she was sulking, clearly feeling really yucky, and not herself.  She did not want to go outside, did not want to drink, and held her head low. There was nothing obvious I could do so I coaxed her onto the couch next to me for observation.  She was acting depressed and sick. I decided that I would give her a treatment of Reiki because it cannot hurt, and send intentional energy and thoughts of love and comfort.  After several minutes, she laid down peacefully, her nose stopped running, she looked brighter, and seemed relieved.  She then took a short nap with me.  She is better now. 

I also gave Annie more Reiki on her leg.  She was having issues again, I suspect this will be a recurring theme.  It is likely she will get arthritis in that leg due to the severity of the original injury.  Anyhow, she loves it and sits quietly and comfortably, falls asleep, and when she has had enough looks at me and leaves in a peaceful way (not her normal manic way).  She is not limping or favoring the leg anymore tonight,  I guess her treatment helped too.

Reiki also helps the one giving it as you also receive.  I've had a bit of a tough day and not the happiest feelings.  Even I feel better and renewed....thank you Reiki.

Reiki is not a replacement for modern medicine but it certainly is a great arrow in my quiver. I am thankful to be learning this method of spiritual healing. The image above is the Reiki principles.  Clearly, they are in line with my own.


Laura said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing story. I am so happy you have found the power of REiki and have embraced it into your life and the life of your Pets.

Please continue to share with us what you are doing and how you are progressing.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

More Reiki this morning on Morgan and Annie. Annie in particular needs it for the leg. During the session she turns into mush. This morning she had an urge to run after the cat but stopped herself to continue the treatment. Afterwards, she was running and jumping like a maniac. I really wish she was not so hard on her body but she is having fun!