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Friday, November 15, 2013

Essential Oils and Flower Essences

The image is from an article I just read called, "The Difference Between Essential Oils and Flower Essences" written on the website, Before Its News. Please read the article as it is clear and concise and just what I needed! (Please note, I only liked the article, not the seemingly politically charged, right-winged slant on the website. I am a liberal Democrat and proud of it.)

I have been doing a great deal of soul searching and learning lately, looking at alternatives to the norm and looking to expand the mission while retaining the principles and goals of Natural Horse Lover Farm. I have been involved with natural philosophies regarding training and care for years but there is much more out there to learn and after Lola's freak accident, the Universe has awaken my senses and it is calling to me to open my mind.  My only concern is that as one still living in "the lonely barn" since relocating, I'll be doing all this cool stuff by myself, well not quite, Rick and the critters are going for the ride too! LOL Breaking into the area with new-age alternative horse-related philosophies has proven to be near impossible--at least I have you all, my readers!

So,as you know, I've been delving into Reiki, healing crystals are on the list as is red-light therapy,  And, from the post photo, so are essential oils and flower essences (among other things).  I had an experience with the flower essences when we moved and were gearing up to transport Whiskey, Fosse, and Mini-me (a miniature horse I used to have who now lives happily with a young girl and her family) from Virginia to New York. My friend used the flower therapies and asked if she could give Whiskey flower essences.  I agreed as he is a very emotionally challenged horse and knowing he faced days on the road, I thought it surely could not hurt.  Not only did he load without any issues, he was perfectly fine for the trip.  Keep in mind, this was December and the horses ended up stuck at a truck stop in a storm for days - not unloaded, but safe and fine in the hauler's goose neck trailer).The mini horse was fine too - he was traveling in a box-style stall with Whiskey.  Fosse, not so much....he could have used the essences I think but at the time, I lacked knowledge and we all thought Whiskey would have the problem. Fosse would not load, and by the time he reached the destination was reported to have wobbly legs, be all ruffled from sweating up, and was a wreck - poor fella--and I was not there to comfort him.  I did send Ulcer Guard for all of the horses as a precaution. I don't know what brand she used but it seems Bach is the leader in the flower essences industry and I plan to use their products.

I have also been exposed to essential oils from Young Living and dōTERRA. Both appear to be of high, therapeutic quality.  In doing a great deal of research on the topic, I've decided that Young Living is a better fit for our farm, especially because many of my Parelli contacts (including Parelli Inc.) have been using the product for years which helps give me a strong base for information and experience. I do have however, a new friend who is a dōTERRA representative (the aromatherapist coming to the farm on December 7th). What I love about her is that she is more interested in giving information about how to use essential oils for therapy and far less concerned about which label people chose, noting that therapeutic grade is highly desired and that people have to chose the right pathway for them - she is a very enlightened person with whom I have great respect. I attended a equine essential oils webinar last night that she held and the information was excellent and not a sales pitch - very refreshing and awesome.

If you are looking into essential oils and/or flower essences, all I have to say is do your homework and follow your heart. Personally, I like the idea of using both as they seem to address very different levels of concern. Until next time...

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