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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Equus Reiki 1 Class

Today, I attended an Equine Reiki 1 class in Canada. The class was interesting and enlightening including but not limited to being able to do Reiki on a horse at the host farm....it was also fun answering the "what/why" questions both directions through the border crossing...lol.

My day started out with major sleep deprivation. I had a terrible time sleeping, probably because I was afraid I would not wake up or something. Anyhow, I left at 6:30am and drove 2.5 hours to the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region. The class was small, there were four of us and the instructor. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. When I arrived, I was about 10 minutes late, anxious, and they all felt it. They reassured me and also said they were just starting.

We spent time in the barn learning about the theory and process. The instructor was very open to question and skepticism, a lot from and by me. As a person who believes in science, I have a hard time having faith in things I cannot easily see. That said, with the experience I had with Lola, because I use energy when playing with my horses, I believe Reiki found me and I needed to be there. The attunement process and overall experience was fascinating, emotional, and something I am still processing and not ready to share fully, with anyone. We were able to perform Reiki on the host farm's horses and I saw a difference in the horse I worked with. I used my Parelli principles and the Reiki principles in a complementary manner. The horse owner remarked seeing a difference in all of the horses after the session.

For the future, I will continue to learn more and practice Reiki. The group plans to get together on a regular basis and pursue furthering our development with Reiki 2 and 3. I am also open to hosting Reiki events at my farm.

By the way, I did some Reiki on my dogs, bird, and cat tonight. Some were more receptive than others, how interesting. (Rick is supportive or my learning, or me hosting events, thinks it is weird, does not understand at all and I feel strange trying to talk about it. So, I have decided to just keep it primarily to myself as a private thing I do.)

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