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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Bad and Good News Updates

Left to right: Lola, Whiskey, and Fosse

Lola, my beautiful mare on the far left in the photo above had a freak accident two days after my dog Sahlen died and she is no better....the vet and I really hope to and need to see improvement this coming week. I don't know definitively what happened but what I saw was Lola and Fosse racing through the field, faster than usual, Whiskey was rolling but may have been knocked over (he is okay), when Lola and Fosse reached the end, her front leg was up, he tried to kick her but I think missed. She hobbled to the paddock, fell over, moaned, I got her up and to her stall. X-rays show no breaks but the region was said to be unusual by the vet (elbow/tricep/shoulder) region. She is three-legged dead lame. I have her in Bute, applying linament and massage, the opposite leg is wrapped for support. She cannot stand properly. She is sensible enough to lay down. We are very worried....the vet said he has a guarded prognosis. I would be interested in red light therapy but don't have the device and supporting materials in the budget right now - expensive! Another friend mentioned essential oils, and a collegue tried sending energy remotely via reiki, and frankly, I am up for about anything right now! I plan to learn more about alternative healing methods.

Fosse and Whiskey are doing well.  We've been playing and riding and today I actually got in about two hours of time with them (other than just cleaning and feeding). Whiskey was quite a handful and very emotional to start.  That said, I took the time it takes, gave him space, and we had a successful day. He seems to prefer me riding him bareback and I assume it is because I am far more balanced.  The saddle I've used with him in the past just does not work for either of us anymore. I am thinking about trying Lola's new saddle (yes, I finally bought my Wintec Wide).  If it looks okay, I'll get the other gullets (it came with the 2x). Fosse is just a gem and we had a nice ride.  AS crazy as it sounds, I rode him with a saddle for the first time yesterday! I always ride him bareback or with the bareback pad....he was not overly impressed with the saddle but puts up with far more than Whiskey can or will! 

Rick has been working on the property and our horse park is coming along so nicely.  I have photos for you but have to get them off of his old-style flip phone. He's opened up the pond and is creating a nice place to play and sit, expanding the big field which will be the new playground, and is also working on extended fencing areas near the barn.  Lots and lots of work and progress at the farm.

Lastly, my journey to better health and fitness is going well but slow.  Slow because I am not always working at the 100% level I should but I am getting there.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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Janine said...

I am so sorry. I hope she will be ok:)