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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Wonderful Miracle

I am amazed to report that Lola has made a full recovery and was galloping, bucking, spinning, and doing general hardcore horse play. Her pathway to healing was a interesting one, and not one that all would believe. I mentioned in a previous post that we used modern medicine and Reiki but I never elaborated.

Piecing the timeline together, she was seriously injured on September 28th, was put on stall rest. She had no apparent break but could not walk or stand properly. October 3rd she had radiography taken with no evident results of what was wrong and some swelling in the tricep area, the vet remarked that he had never seen such an injury and put her on continued rest, bute, her opposite leg was to be wrapped, and she was given a guarded prognosis noting that if she was not better on a week or so, she was in dire trouble.... his concern was if there was no improvement her opposite left would break down and she would have to be euthanized.

On October 11th, I spoke with a colleague and she mentioned Reiki. I learned that the director of the campus health center was a third degree Reiki master and out of desperation, I went to see her. I asked for a few minutes of her time and told her I had no idea what Reiki was but that I needed more help than rest and modern medicine. She did some kind of incantation or meditation and told me to go home and rub and touch Lola's leg with love and intent. I did so and over the next day or so seemed to notice a subtle difference. I did continue the rest and butte if you were wondering. I saw the Reiki master again on October 14th and she asked about my horse. I told her she was a little better but not much. She indicated that she would send more healing energy and I was to repeat the process. I did as instructed. Within a few days, Lola was significantly better and refused to take the medicine and started breaking out of her stall. I allowed her to walk in a 12'x36' area outside of her stall. She could see the boys and rub noses. One morning toward the end of the week, I found her standing, normally, whinnying and spunky! Over the weekend, on October 19th, I allowed her turnout time with the boys. She was a little lame after being too rambunctious so I gave her more alone time. By October 22nd or so, I had to turn her out or she was going to break out. She was having a blast and not limping. An amazing full recovery.... wow. I guess you would have had to see how bad she was to understand what a miracle this is. I am thankful beyond belief.

Anyhow, tonight, she was a lunatic with the boys in the indoor arena and you would never know that she had a previous and recent injury. I am so happy for her. And, by luck, I accidentally found out there is a Equus Reiki 1 Class in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area this Saturday. It is 2.5 hours away but I am going regardless of the drive... I will keep you posted!

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