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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What a great day - liberty as a gauge

Image and info about Parelli, go to: http://www.parellinaturalhorsetraining.com/

Today was a great day. I took time to review Level 3 DVDs and then headed out to get something from the workshop.  Upon viewing them, I have been doing much of these tasks for years---which begs the question why I didn't assess long ago...ugh.  Upon arriving up front at the workshop, Whiskey called to me and so, I decided to stay. I still cannot remember what I went to get but I do remember how much fun I had and how great it felt to have my horse call to me.

I decided grooming was certainly in order so we had a mutual grooming session, all three horses and me. It was truly fun and each horse's horsenality was shining through.  Whiskey had his typical fairy knots and the bot flies have been busy! (If anyone knows how to remove those eggs easier than with the bot knife, please let me know.) Whiskey was extra cuddly and wanting attention.  Lola was butting in at every move, and Fosse wanted to check in, be nosey, and run away.  I suspect he had catching game on his mind, LOL. They were all, of course at liberty, with me in the paddock/playground, no halters or anything on them.

Afterwards, I decided to play with Lola and test our relationship.  I only had the 12 foot rope and halter with me (on the grooming box - no carrot stick) and just made do. Sure, I could have went into the barn to retrieve all kinds of tools but decided not to. Anyhow, I haltered her with savvy. Is there any other way? LOL We worked on the 7 games with the lightest possible phases using the landscape for obstacles.  A huge flat rock for a pedestal and our horse-henge rocks for figure eights. After playing, I removed the halter and Lola stayed with me.  I took this as a signal to continue.  We played the basics and then I started running away from her and she trotted to catch up - ah, the stick-to-me game! I then proceeded to play figure eights and serpentines at horse-henge again and she was great.  All was close range and all on her terms as she could leave me at any time but didn't.  I then ran back towards the other horses and Lola trotted with me, I stopped and she stopped, I walked and she walked, a perfect liberty session.

Unfortunately that was all the time I had for playing.  I then mucked stalls, scrubbed the walls, feeders, and bars, bed down the stalls filled the water buckets, put in the feed, and put the horses in for the night.  Each went to the appropriate stall, at liberty. :)

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