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Thursday, September 26, 2013

RIP My Sweet Little Dinger Dog Sahlen

Today, we unexpectedly lost our sweet, 14 year, 4 month, 17 days old miniature dachshund, Sahlen, aka The Dinger Dog. She was born 5/9/1999. I took her and the other dogs outside at 4:00 am and everything was fine. Around 5:00am the bed started shaking, hard, Morgan became hyper alert and I knew something was wrong. Sahlen was convulsing in a hard seizure. After that, she appeared to be blind and confused. She settled down only a little so I put her in her crate with Sid to help calm her and keep her safe. I went to work. She had a seizure about 6 months ago and therefore, I thought perhaps it was the same case of a random issue. Rick called me at work and she had another around 9:00 am. I called the vet and we were told to watch her and being her in if this got worse. By 10:30 am she had another one. I rushed home and took her to the vet (this took about 75 minutes). She had another on the way to the vet's, two there and was sedated upon the second one.  That one started when they were taking blood. The blood work results showed that her organs were fine, no diabetes, etc., it was good.  Unfortunately what this meant is that this was a serious neurological issue, and the beginning of the end. We could have left her there hooked to IVs to die more slowly or let her go in peace. We chose the latter. Rick went to the car, I held her through the transition. She is now in dog heaven with our beloved Frasier. The house is quiet and very solemn tonight. RIP my sweet girl, may you be in peace. Our hearts are broken.


Cait Throop said...

Oh that is so hard even when you know that was the right thing. They leave such a big hole in our lives.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

It sure stings...everything I do, everywhere I look, I think of her. It is good but hard all at the same time.