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Thursday, August 29, 2013

One step in the right direction

Today's effort to more horse play, assessment, and progress meant a visit to the UPS Store in Potsdam, NY. I worked with a very nice woman whose name, I believe, is Janice.  I blew up the patterns maps and am having her laminate them.  I also am having the assessment checklists printed as one-page documents and laminated.  They are all going to be hung up in the arena with the horse's names on them. I plan to use dry erase markers when utilizing these tools. I also made an extra set as an example set for visitors to use as a guide when playing at our place with their horse. I realized that having these resources handy would be very useful and perhaps help me focus a bit.  I always preach about being creative but in thinking about it, have probably myself gotten into a rut much to the chagrin of the horses! 

Another project Janice and I discussed was creating vinyl banners to be hung in the arena.  My goal is to have Parellisms that I often recite in my head plastered around the arena.  Being very important to me and having had impact on my horsemanship, once again, bringing the tools right out in the open seems like a great idea.  When explaining them to Janice, I told her about, "Nose, neck, maybe feet."  She kept herself very composed without revealing any thought of me being a nut job...way to go! LOL Anyhow, she gave me homework.  I am to measure places for my banners, chose the sayings I want, and refer to the pricing chart. We will talk again, probably tomorrow, when I pick up the laminated documents.

Eventually, my entire library of horse-related educational materials will be in the barn's classroom/lounge but not quite yet.  The space will be technology-enabled and will require the walls and heating system to be in place (this is probably something that will occur next year). I need to wait to ensure that nothing gets damaged. I will be looking through materials to see if there is anything else that could be laminated and posted...not sure yet.

Well, that's it for now.  Off to the barn to complete my homework and hopefully play horsey.  Rick and I have been exhausted all week and motivation is fairly low to do much of anything (or for long periods anyway).  I cannot help to wonder if it is a long and much needed down time after having company at the house for over a month and working like crazy during that time.  Kind of like a major adrenaline release.

P.S. Dressage arena letters are also being laminated and placed in our facility despite our space not being quite the size of a small dressage arena.  These markers are good points of focus no matter the discipline! :)

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