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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Feeling STUCK No More :)

I played with Fosse and rode this evening and am so happy. A friend's post encouraged me to just do it. I found out my in-laws are staying until the end if the month, which is fine but, enough is enough. Between visitors and so much work, my horse time has been simply taken away. (You probably noticed this since I have not been posting much.) Well tonight I said , "The heck with everything, I am going to play with my horses." 

Fosse engaged first and he and I had a blast. He is also really good as a confidence booster. He is a LBE like me and it just works. I tacked up (after having to take a trip to the horse trailer to get his girth), we played on the ground, and then I rode him here and there at a walk. He has a serious heart condition and although he does all gaits when playing with the other horses or online, my vet told me years ago that when riding, walk, maybe trot but mostly, just walk. It took until age five for her to authorize any riding. We encountered the tractor and golf cart going down the driveway, it rained, we used obstacles for fun online and mounted games. Online we worked through the seven games, worked on transitions and patterns, he bucked, was a little naughty, but totally fun. We practiced mounted backing, side passing, going forward, and just standing still, enjoying each other's company. I am simply elated and feeling UNSTUCK. I have been part of an "unstuck" group and it has been really beneficial to help me rid myself of guilt for being so busy and enabling me to feel worthy again. (Did I tell you I live the life of constant guilt? LOL) It is a long story but suffice it to say, I must take my horse time back, period, and stop being a workaholic whether it be at the farm or University.  My horses balance my life and things have been unbalanced.  I am working to better their lives but sometimes that means forgetting to actually enjoy time together despite the long to-do list. I think that perfectionism sneaks in and sabotages my life.

Fosse was a horse that I got as my first horse after being out of horses for a few years because of a jumping accident. I was injured fairly badly (this is back 16 years ago now - ancient history) and my family asked me to leave my horse love/world and I did. I was afraid. I remember riding my friend's QH several years later and being terrified and all I was doing was sitting on him. Keep in mind that I used to ride race horses, endurance horses, English hunter/jumper trails, and would crawl on any horse, even the crazy ones, always, and RIDE! Fast forward a bit, I started riding again thanks to her and Malachi the kind and fun QH. 

I discovered Parelli on RFDTV (much earlier than when I was getting back into riding the QH) but was not doing anything horsey. I was just watching it on a Saturday afternoon. I had decided to find out more about "that guy on TV" should I ever get back into horses, changed the channel, and that was that. Okay, so, this is all a bit disjointed (typing fast with company still here). Anyhow, at some point, I finally told Rick I wanted a horse of my own again. He agreed if I looked back into "that Parelli guy" and if the horse was free. I have to say that what I saw seemed to be the missing link for me.  I have been involved with horses since I was a kid but something was missing, the true relationship and language. I probably should note that the horse I was injured on was not mine.

I found an ad in the paper for a horse with a health condition, $1. I visited him, talked to the owner, and bought him. Rick picked him up for me with a friend who had a trailer. Fosse had never been on a trailer but loaded just fine, it was a stock trailer, he rode loose and backwards for three hours to our home in the mountains.  He was a yearling and a handful. Everyone thought he would be horrible, dangerous, etc. Long story shortened for the sake of this post, he and I bonded and I started playing with him using PNH and when I was told to proceed by the vet, I started riding him. He only knows how to be with humans in a natural horsemanship manner. He has always been treated with respect and I never discouraged his spirit. I simply adore him. He is a spitfire of fun but a lovely partner and in my opinion, a trustworthy horse. I wish he didn't have the heart condition but, for a horse with a grade-5 heart murmur, the vets are all amazed at his physical condition. They said he could live a long life or drop dead at any minute and I would never know. I didn't care because had I not taken him, he was going to be euthanized by the owner because he was bred to be an endurance horse. To me, this is the best rescue ever.

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