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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Using MOOCS for Horsemanship?

How many of you feel like you are in the lonely barns and just want someone to bounce ideas off and to play horsey?  You are not alone! That said, sometimes this is just not always possible.  The following article, "Meetups and Online Students: Online Doesn’t Mean Alone" was brought to my attention by its author, Sarah Young and it got me thinking.  We have resources like MeetUp and Parelli Connect, Facebook, and the like but being connected is difficult.  Perhaps the creation of a MOOC would be beneficial to the horse world, particularly those of us living the dream, alone and disconnected from our peers (geographically anyway). I'd love to be an instructor able to offer clinics and the like but also be able to offer course content from anywhere...would you take a horse MOOC? Do you see any benefits from this venue? Take a look at the article and let me know what you think....it sounds a little weird but why not!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stall plates and more!

It is the little things that make me happy! The stall plates arrived from Dana's Doodles and I just love them.  They are not traditional at all but totally suite our farm and personality....and they are a great representation of our horses too!  I have also chosen blanket bars from Ramm Fence (which will be painted black) and bridle racks from L'Eden Horse Up for the stalls. We have bucket holders that I brought up from Virginia and have purchased three heated buckets on Amazon made by Farm Innovators (I actually bought two at a garage sale and the third on Amazon to be clear).  We are getting closer! I have to say that this is all very fun and exciting...I cannot wait to move into the new facility! It has taken weeks and weeks (and countless hours) as to what direction to go but I am so pleased with the outcome.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wet Hay :/

The next job...breaking open the hay bales...ugh. A well-meaning guy baled a small field and asked if we wanted to buy it. It was a relative of one of Rick's co-workers so we said yes. We are in the holding pattern for this year's hay and because of the weather, everything is running late. Anyhow, he brought 29 bales of beautiful hay...that was baled too wet. Thus, I am busting all the bales open. Nice guy but we told him no for any more an Rick talked to him, nicely about why and how to bale it in the future. My regular hay provider will be delivering in the next few weeks (hopefully) but we wanted something to tide us over...what a mess....thank goodness I have an indoor arena to spread this stuff out (it smells delicious in here).

And here is Morgan, using it as a nest! I love this dog, too cute.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We have water!

Running water....check! We still have to hook up the hot water tank and build a temporary heated box for the winter. The eventual plan is to build a nice cabinet when the lounge/classroom is complete but, that may be awhile so we have a phase 1 plan in place! :)

The barn has running water!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Running the lines, bulldozing the dirt, and more!

There has been a lot of work happening here.  Tons and tons of dirt has been spread and raked, electric, water, and drainage lines have been run, and up next is the sanding and varnishing of stalls.  The project is back on track and moving ahead! Here are some photos for your enjoyment. I really love the one of Morgan and Rick in the golf cart! She is the crew chief! LOL This particular image was taken several weeks ago but I never got around to posting it until now.


Saturday, June 01, 2013

More planning with Lola and Rick :)

We did some barn planning today regarding where/how to run the water and electric and how to set up the wash rack and lounge/classroom. And, Lola (left) joined us...she even checked out her stall (despite it not being quite ready for her to move in). She was calm and curious about everything despite Fosse (right) hollering from the other barn like a nut job. Whiskey (middle) seems to be calm but I bet would have preferred to away from Fosse and his shenanigans. LOL This has been a very stressful buy fun project.  I just cannot wait to finally move in....maybe July?   The entire build out won't be done until next year but, the horse are moving in soon....the rest can come in phases.