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Monday, March 25, 2013

Long Time Gone

Well, I've been away for some time on here and for that I apologize.  In all honesty, nothing much has been going on with regards to the horses and so, I've to had much to think about except perhaps the guilt of my absence.  I've been a bit removed from things as we have not moved into the new facility yet because things just were not finished before the long winter set in and so, I've been feeling sad, stuck, and out of touch.  Don't get me wrong, the horses are receiving great care and are fine, we've just not been playing or doing anything...how shameful is that! So, as I write this, there is still snow on the ground and in the forecast, it is cold, and I fear winter will never end.   I love the season but I've had enough,  I need warm temperatures and sunny days for so many reasons.

The horses are starting to shed so that must be a good sign of things to come. I did take a glance at the forecast and we are to have potentially higher temperatures by the weekend...if they don't change the forecast again!  I am hopeful to get out and at least groom and trim hooves.  That would be something. 

Our to-do list is fairly long but manageable---we just need warm temperatures!
  1. Have water and electricity installed in the new horse barn and arena.
  2. Varnish the new horse barn.
  3. Get mats for stalls.
  4. Install fencing (which is a re-install with additional new fence lines).
  5. Have additional drainage installed near the horse barn.
  6. Have gutters installed on the horse barn.
  7. Spring paddock clean-up!
  8. Finish out the classroom/lounge (this will be heated).
  9. Finish out wash rack.
  10. And, much more..... :)
It is going to be a busy year and Rick and I are really looking forward to it.We are very excited and know that patience is truly a virtue.  We are doing great things on the farm but, it takes time. Some folks work faster that we do and I know it but, to us, we have a lifetime and are enjoying the ride.

We are still putting on the Parelli Clinic in September which is very exciting....so we have to get these items off the list!  I am also looking into video coaching with a Parelli Professional so, that will be something to report about! Take care and keep checking back.  I will be regularly posting again once I get back into the horse groove! Thanks and keep it natural!


Anonymous said...

"how shameful is that!" -- Not at all! What would be sad would be if you tried to do more than it was possible to do, and caused fatigue, and got injured or a horse got injured ... The horses don't come to harm from having a winter break. Having been reading your blog for years now, my guess is that what you are feeling is really guilt and not shame, and "isn't that a shame" is more of an expression than an actual "I am so unworthy of being loved or having horses, I am a shameful, disgusting creature" -- and yet, if you do find that you feel shame ("I am bad") and guilt ("I did something bad") quite a bit, I recommend reading/watching TED talk by Brene Brown. I just read her latest book DARING GREATLY which is about vulnerability and shame. Lots of applicableness to Parelli and horsemanship!

"some folks work faster than we do" -- maybe. maybe some work slower (and are feeling horrible because they aren't as fast as you? LOL) and maybe some folks have more money and/or more free time, both of which make things move faster ... but is it a race?

Anyway. I totally hear you on the disconnect and time and guilt and so much to do (and not looking at how much has already been done). It's just that seeing you say it makes me realize how hard we can be on ourselves and how easy it is to let those voices gain momentum in our heads even when we are aware and try not to, and then we end up not enjoying the things we CAN do or ARE doing ... I always remember Linda Parelli saying "Just keep telling yourself 'shut up, shut up, shut up' until you actually do." -- meaning those nasty little inner critic voices, not our authentic *selves* .... :D

Naturally Gaited said...

Welcome back. :-)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

LOL HorseGirl...I appreciate your comments very much. My friend NaturallyGaited told me to tell "the committee" to get a life and leave me alone.....I have a committee in my head that is often rude and mean and not very nice to me regarding all kinds of things, horse progress, weight loss, etc. I have found it very difficult to just give myself a break, not sure why, cannot seem to fight that demon and win...will keep trying! I am actually a successful person, but also, the Queen of negative self-talk. Supporting everyone else on their dreams, never a problem! Supporting myself? It is sometimes very difficult to see the progress and success because I figure it is still, never enough and certainly never good enough. LOL :/