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Monday, December 10, 2012

The to-do list!

Things are moving right along here at Natural Horse Lover Farm.  We had a couple month hiatus on projects because of visitors, work, and weather but we are now getting back at it! The weather has been pretty mild here so Rick and I decided we could start getting things done on the farm that are not dictated by weather and temperatures (not too much anyway).

So, we are in the process of planning a big event with a Parelli Professional in the Fall of 2013 (more info on that as I know it). What this means for us is that we have some major projects to complete! Not everything on the list will have to be done by then but wouldn't that be nice?! 

On Friday, we had masonry sand delivered for the indoor riding arena.  Rick is working on leveling the current stone-dust foundation and will then put in the sand. We've found a contact for mineral oil to use in the arena and just need to have it shipped. Next up, if the weather holds out, will be installing gutters on the horse barn, getting the water and electric connections to the barn, and then over the spring, installing lighting, varnish the wood in the barn and arena, and level the stalls and install mats (or stall skins--not sure yet). 

We also need to build out the wash rack, classroom/lounge space, and tack area. The wash rack will be walled with white/bathroom board and I'd like to install some kind of storage system in this space. The classroom plans are technology, a floating wooden floor, comfort and practical working space. I have ideas but am not completely set on what to do in this space.  Without heat, amazing light comes but with heat, I'd have to put in a ceiling and that would block the gorgeous peaked roof and skylights so....I just don't know! The tack area will in all likelihood be in the first space when you enter the barn through the man-door. Another project will be installing some sort of pavers in the aisle (but the aisle is certainly usable the way it is right now (gravel). We opted to not install concrete floors in the building. Our Quonset Hut Barn has a concrete floor and drainage is an issue.

We also are in the process of creating and recreating outdoor spaces.  The fencing was removed to build the arena and horse barn so, that has to go back up, we have a fence to put in the front end of the property, and other areas. We will be re-purposing the front paddock for a precision-patterns pen, are interested in putting up a panel round corral instead of out temporary fenced round corral, and plan to install a small dressage arena up in the big field.  Jumps in the big field may be a nice addition and of course, we have to put the outdoor playground back together---which will mean clearing more areas as the new buildings consumed some of the playground!

A farm sign is another thing on my list.  I've looked at several different kinds and the pricing varies just as much as the types! I'll be sure to take a photo when we get the sign up.

(Oh, and then there is the to-do list of horse time, assessment, and progress! LOL)

What I didn't mention was all the other work on the other buildings on the property and house.  trust me, we will never run out of things to do! But, that is how we like it.  Never-ending self-improvement in so many aspects of our lives! :)

In any event, our to-do list is huge!  For more on us and what is going on, go to our website naturalhorseloverfarm.com 

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