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Friday, November 09, 2012

You and Your Horse - FITNESS TIME!

I've been having a so-so week. But in the last few days, I've finally taken my control back and I really mean it, I am feeling much better. I cannot believe it but it is true. It has been months and months of struggle - probably longer than that! I am exhausted all of the time, always busy, and fell like I've lost a piece of myself. I have been soul-searching a lot lately about my life in general. And, of course, the weight-loss issue is a serious one and a thorn in my side. it not only affects my health, it impacts my horsemanship.

I have been back at WW meetings for two months and have still been having trouble getting my act together. One obvious question for me was whether WW was still for me - I fear I've become complacent and bored with it. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the program. I also believe that in theory, I typically live the program's good health guidelines, but have struggled recently with always making a wise decision and have been very challenged with getting back into my exercise regimen - primarily, in my opinion, because of my lack of proper sleep - I don't seem to sleep anymore.

Anyhow, I have been wearing my Body Media Fit (BMF) armband device but found that tracking WW points and tracking on their site a pain in the neck. Just tracking WW points defeats the purpose of using the BMF but using just their site was not exactly great either. (Can you see the complication already - I've in essence created an additional layer of work and stress! - go figure, lol.) Well, I found out, purely by accident, that the Body Media is now supporting 3rd party applications including My Fitness Pal (MFP). I connected a MFP account with the BMF account a few days ago and now I journal on MFP and my armband keeps track of activity. The programs sync and I can monitor progress from either website taking advantage of each site's benefits. The MFP site also has great message boards and other features that Body Media lacks. And, I can stop counting points.

If you were wondering, I have used WW Online (or e-Tools) several times and it is a nice site too but does not support my armband. I am a data junky (one of the hazards of being an academic library director) and the BMF and MFP really both give me far more, much needed, feedback - graphs, charts, etc.

In thinking a great deal about all of this, I have finally found something to keep my attention which is highly necessary for me. I am not certain that I will continue to attend WW meetings. I would like to continue to touch base on the WW Facebook group I manage but, I finally have found a way to re-frame my goals and focus attention on myself again using the technologies I wrote about.

I am trying to get my life back, I need to take time back, time for me, and time for my horses.  I work constantly, and am always on the run, and I need my sanity, need my health, and need my horses! Saturday meetings take up, at minimum, 2 hours of my day. I understand that is "me time" but I'd rather be in the barn frankly and with the schedule I am running right now, that isn't happening. This is not a decision that I have entered into lightly. I understand that I have to keep at it but I think I can using the tools I have, the new tools I now use, and with you all here.

My next post will be about how I am going to take my horse time back, how I am going to re-energize, my study and assessment plan, about what my horses' fitness plans will be, and so forth - stay tuned and stay savvy! Beware, I'll be posting more regularly again! LOL (If you have anything you'd like me to write about, please don't be shy, let me know!)

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Shannon S. said...

Well once again our "twin-ness" strikes again!! So often what you write is like an echo of what I have been dealing with myself. Today, I am sporting a new Nike+Fuelband. I was looking for technology that would allow me to track my physical activity effortlessly. Because i am able to sync it with my iphone it is the perfect solution for me. And because the activity is converted into "fuel" - it is almost like a game! Love it. I was at weight watchers all summer (lost approx. 10 lb - not great but headed in the right direction), fell off for approx. 6 weeks from Sept - Oct. During that time, I dabbled a little bit in the Visalus shake program. But i decided that I need to be realistic - if I have to cook for my familiy regardless - it doesn't make much sense for me to make a meal and then go and make myself a shake. I decided that WW works for me and I am going to stick with it. I abandoned the WW mobile app - I find it a bit cumbersome and went back to tracking in a (new) 3 month journal. I can quick jot down my food choices, sometimes in a short hand only I can read, and carry on. But I also realized that wheat products don't agree with me - especially later in the day. So I am trying to really listen to my body and go with a more gluten-free type diet from lunch time on. I lose all those nasty cravings at the end of the day and have more peace within my body if I do this.

So there is where i am in my health journey. Unfortunately, I sustained an injury to my one foot in May .. turned into Plantar Fasciitis, which has seriously impacted my fitness efforts. I finally went and got some medical attention and with some custom orthodics and physiotherapy I should be good as new in no time. But I have vowed to not give into excuses .. I can still maintain a healthy lifestyle even if my activity is reduced. I can still make good choices even if I am exhausted (although it is HARD!).

Please keep talking about this .. so many of us are in the same place as you are. I'd love you to write about how you relate things you have learned in your Parelli journey to your journey to health!! I think we are far more savvy with our horses than ourselves. Take care!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Shannon I swear we are twins! I too have wheat sensitivity although I often pretend I don't! Parelli is an integral part of my life. I use the theory in my everyday life, horsemanship, and even on the job! I plan to start writing more actively again as I think it is therapeutic and fun! More soon!