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Monday, November 12, 2012

Steps to make progress...in everything!

I am working very hard to incorporate everything I love in my life and achieve success, including work but not only my work.  It makes things busy but I like it.  I started thinking about my goal to learning the French language.  Every day I do some kind of exercise, game, quiz, or reading that focuses on my learning French and it is working. In my attempt to take some of my life back from everyone and everything in my life, I am making sure that I work on all of my goals, every day (particularly, Parelli and healthier living).  

So, for horsemanship tonight, I am watching another Parelli Savvy Club DVD, very motivational for sure. I cleaned the barn, groomed the horses, and fed everyone. Instead of TV reruns, it's Parelli or bust! I have been doing this every day and I am getting a great feeling of motivation back...almost like I have permission to invest time again in my horses and myself again, like I should be, like I used to (this year was really screwed up!).

I love Parelli Natural Horsemanship and practice it all of the time, at feeding time, play time, riding time, etc! No matter the length of time I am with my horses, I put principles before goals and incorporate love, language, and leadership. I use psychology to do things instead of mechanics and/or force. I try to always attain a mental connection with my horse --be provocative and interesting - I try to always have fun and accomplish my desires while maintaining my dignity and my horse's dignity. And now, I am making a conscious effort to get back at active learning! (again)

For my healthy living journey, I started working out again, walking the dog (Morgan my Great Dane), and doing my workout videos, something everyday!  And, if I plan for a higher calorie meal (like tonight--Rick's smoked-BBQ ribs), I eat  low calorie throughout that day to compensate for my dinner - calories in and out. 

And, I finally got back to the gym this morning. I killed it - 90 minutes and worked hard!!!! All before work. I feel so awesome and almost broke into tears when I was there...tears of joy and accomplishment. I walked Morgan in the woods when I got home....we had a blast! 

So all-in-all, I am trying to map our my goals but dedicating time, every day, for everything...steps to make progress.....just a quick check-in post tonight, more later!

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Emily Rodgers said...

Wow sounds great! I need some of that in my life!