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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

And then, I heard, SNAP!

My horses always leave my heart totally satisfied. It could be a minute or hours, they always make everything better. Life has been a bit rough lately. I am working constantly not only in the office but when I get home. I have had little time for anything else. I love my career but, I miss my horses. I have been neglecting my healthy living goals, not working out as much I should, some barn projects are on hold until spring, and frankly, I have been sad and very lonely for my Parelli friends....the ones I used to hang out with....Clare and Tenley to name two. It is hard to live in a non-Parelli region.

Tonight, I bundled up and went up to the barn to feed and do a little hoof trimming. I trimmed Lola's front hooves first and as usual, especially because I have spent little time with her lately, she tested my leadership skills with a variety of things. She gave me quite a time but, I just kept thinking, how interesting, Lola is giving me puzzles to work through so, I gave her a few too. The run-in area of the Quonset hut is just large enough to play on the ground and so, we did while also getting the task at hand done. I think she will test me forever which is fabulous.

Anyhow, after I did her fronts hooves, I felt that we both needed a break from one another. Plus, she always gets a little jealous if I divert my attention to another horse! Whiskey and Fosse were hanging around, of course. Whiskey's fronts were done the other day but, flies were biting us and therefore, I never finished. So, I trimmed his rear hooves tonight. As I was doing so, Lola was laying her head on him, staring at me, lol. She is quite a character and I love her - even if at times, she drives me a bit nuts (I.E. her hoof trimming antics tonight.) anyhow, when she tired of staring, she walked around behind me. There I was, bent over, trimming Whiskey who, I might add, was a complete angel (but in his younger years he had his moments too), and anyhow, I feel Lola rubbing my back with her lips. She has done this before so I was not surprised until I heard and felt, SNAP! She snapped my underwear elastic and not just once! I am surprised she didn't try to give me a wedgie! This horse is hilarious and so much fun. Anyhow, I laughed and gave her a big smile and a good scratch. After finishing Whiskey, I completed the job on Lola with few issues. Fosse will in all likelihood be done tomorrow night after work.

So, the next time you see your horse and things don't go exactly to plan, remember to never feel frustrated, just say to yourself, as Linda Parelli says, "how interesting" and find a way to turn the moment into a teaching moment, into a fun moment!

Feel, Think, Act, and Play Like A Horse! --PARELLI!

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