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Friday, August 03, 2012

What's in a name?

I was approached yesterday by a local business to change my farm name. Although we have called ourselves Hidden Meadows for a few years, we are only now an official farm via DBA. The other business (not a horse farm) is Hidden Meadow Inn. In any event, her thought was that people may confuse things (a long list of possibilities) since we are in the same region. I am very open to changing our name as I have not purchased my farm sign yet and Rick supports whatever I decide. We also had a different name when in Virginia (Fawn Hill Farm) so I am not overly worried about changing it but want to make it the last time. I have no intentions of ever moving again and want to establish myself with a name that I like and that will stick. That said, I'd want a cute, trendy horse farm name, something unique (remember this is a natural horsemanship focused facility). Anyone have any good ideas or methods to pick a good one? My logo is a very stylized horse if that helps (I know, you've not seen it yet). Let me know! Comment here or email me arabhorselover1@yahoo.com


    • Denise Schueckler mystical meadows? the double m makes easy to remember.still implies hidden and arab horses make me think of magic and aladdin! :)
      23 hours ago via mobile ·  · 1

    • Michelle L Young FYI--someone sent this. Just putting it on the list, not necessarily convinced yet. North Lawrence Natural Horsemanship or North Lawrence Natural Horse Lovers might be possible. North Lawrence Natural Living, or Natural Living Farm / Ranch / Stable / Acres
      23 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Michelle L Young Maybe something that is a combination of French and English since we are on the Canadian border? I though of Cheval Farm but there is one in Alabama.
      22 hours ago · 

    • Mitch Bresett you could go all french and call it Cache Cheval Valon or Hidden Horse Valley
      22 hours ago ·  · 3

    • Mike L. Scott How about "Not owned by Mitt Romney Meadows"?
      22 hours ago · 

    • Mary Sullivan Horsing Around :P
      22 hours ago · 

    • Mitch Bresett how about this.. Whinny Acres
      22 hours ago ·  · 2

    • Betty Horn I like the thought of Natural Horsemanship being in the title, though Whinny Acres is pretty cute.
      22 hours ago · 

    • Michelle L Young Whinny Acres may get confused with the north country's whinny.org
      21 hours ago · 

    • Michelle L Young Mitch--liking the french except the valley part---although I guess we are in the Adirondack valley aren't we? maybe?
      21 hours ago · 

    • Michelle L Young And, all French would really help me have an exclusive clientele.....no one will know what we are doing! :)
      21 hours ago · 

    • Michelle L Young Here is another...just playing around..."Heureux Cheval Ferme- talent de cavalier au naturel" (French speakers---is this written correctly? Happy Horse Farm – Natural Horsemanship) ---If I did this the people in the town would have their minds blown away...hehehe...they'd really be asking questions! (The busy-bodies already are.) --I really need to continue learning French, I love the language.
      21 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Michelle L Young Le Heureux Cheval Ferme - talent de cavalier naturel perhaps? (The Happy Horse Farm - natural horsemanship)
      20 hours ago · 

    • Cassie Laurence should be simple and describe your business. Cutsie and foreign names are always dangerous because if people can't guess what you do by the name they rarely get further than that. Same goes with using your name (ex Michelle's Farm) because it doesn't tell them anything. Simple like ... Natural Horses (just an example to make a point) .. what else do you do there?
      20 hours ago · 

    • Michelle L Young Mainly horses but will probably also sell chickens/eggs, produce, etc...small scale.
      19 hours ago via mobile · 

    • Cassie Laurence How about "Pick Up These Damn Free Roosters Farm" LOL ... Natural Living Stables - which I now see is similar to something above. But I like that concept.
      19 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Cassie Laurence If you are doing more than horses then putting horses in the name will limit the value of your name in the future. I would redo the name of my business in a heartbeat - it's a pain in the ass.
      19 hours ago · 

    • Byron Whitney Equestrian Acres? Hidden Meadows in french=prairies caches. Horseplay Farm?
      17 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Elizabeth Ferguson Horse Heaven ?
      17 hours ago via mobile ·  · 1

    • Jackie Dietrich whispering pines???
      15 hours ago ·  · 2

    • Christine Goellner Mia Natural-Bavarian-Cheval-Chilo-Ranch...Hehehehe :-))))))))
      9 hours ago ·  · 1

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Shannon :) said...

Just because we always seem to be on the same path .. the name I chose for my new facility is "Horse Play" ... (ranch/acres/centre .. haven't fully finalized it yet). I think it exactly suits how we live as Parelli students. Although I really do like some of the suggestions posted .. Natural Living has a really nice tone to it. Good luck - be sure to let us know what you decide on!! I love that you take Canada into consideration as part of your area ... maybe we were seperated at birth!! Hugs!