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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still waiting...and a brief update

Well, I am still waiting for the builders to finish their work. I am hopeful that they will be done and gone this week.  Much more to do and probably a year before we are totally through but, that is just part of the fun! 

The horse are doing very well, look great, and are anxious to PLAY! I have been so darned busy, I haven’t even sat on my horse (any of them) since fall! OMG, so sad. I really miss having my friend Clare (a fellow Parelli enthusiast) nearby.  We had so much fun, pushed one another, and it was always a fun and safe environment. I have friends over the border in Canada but, they are all a good distance away which makes for a very long travel day (and that is without horses).  And, I am far behind on my Parelli studies....so much to do, I need a clone! LOL

By the way, Saturday morning I learned that I've finally started losing weight again and am actually down 10+lbs. In the afternoon, I put up 250 bales of hay, cleaned the barn, and was building a deck with Rick and his folks. I have been eating healthy for weeks and working hard to get back at my journey to better health and wellness. By bedtime that night, I felt so good that I downloaded a C25K ap on my iPhone and could barely sleep due to the excitement of what was to come.  I did C25K back in 2010 with Morgan and we loved it. Hopefully this time, I won't injure my back out which is what happened in 2011.

Sunday morning, Morgan and I went for our first, strong walk/run in ages. It was hard to finally get back at it and even harder to realize that when I started, I am not nearly where I was fitness-wise but, that is not going to be an obstacle, it is just a challenge. I think the best part was singing loudly and to Morgan when we were doing the walking part....it is a country road, nothing but deer flies out there so we can act nuts! :)

So, that is the update...a tad boring I guess but, that is it! 

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