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Monday, June 04, 2012

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I am trying to design my farm sign and would love opinions and ideas. I have a logo that I'll be using that is a stylized horse image that is akin to something I saw on an old TV program called One-Step-Beyond. I will have the farm name (Hidden Meadows) on it.  So, what else?  Should I have our names?  Our town's name? Address? Should I say Natural Horsemanship on the main sign? I do plan to have smaller signs to hang off of the large sign to indicate things available like our chickens and eggs, clinics, etc.

Another issue...privacy. I've seen farms list on their websites that they are private but, they offer services like training, boarding, lessons, clinics, etc.  I am debating on putting the word private on my farm sign. I am wondering if using private would help me have a more selective clientele and keep the local riff-raff from wandering in? But, I also don't want to scare folks off from checking us out. I am not in this for the money because I have a full-time career so, that impacts things a bit. I know it sounds terrible to say but ever since we started building our indoor arena and barn, all kinds of people keep showing up unannounced and I'd rather that not be the case necessarily.  It seems that people we know and don't know are all of a sudden interested in us but to me, it is not us they are interested in, it is our facility that they are interested in and that is a bit disconcerting. There are certainly many nice horse folks around but, there are also some, that in my opinion (and Rick's) who should not even own a horse let alone a dog, cat, or be in the caretaker role for a child. I want to select who comes to the farm for horse activities even if it means less traffic I guess. So, what are your thoughts?  Am I going down the wrong path? (We are installing a driveway gate - poles went in yesterday.)

And size....how large or small?   I cannot go any larger that 4'x4' according to the code officer and frankly, that seems way too large. But, how small can you go before you cannot see let alone read it! And shape?  So many to choose from. So many questions....colors, another issue.  Should the farm colors match the barn colors?  I guess?! Gold leaf or not?

What does your sign look like?  And, who'd you hire to make it?  I am still looking but thinking Briar Hill Signworks may be the company I use.Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Sharing feedback from one private farm that offers some services:

I understand your concern. We do not have a sign so this eliminates the drop in visitors. We do have a website that does generate some interesting inquiries. We a have a few people who ask if we rent horses for the day or offer trail rides. We also have an entry gate that helps alot. I think if you are intent on having a sign it would be best to put private on it. Good luck with your farm and congratulations! If you ever need anything please feel free to call!

Shannon :) said...

Just a little thought for you to consider ... at the recent Game of Contact clinic taught by Amy Book-Bowers - one of my fellow participants asked how she handles the non-Parelli people who approach her. Amy said this, "I strive to not put brace into people. My job is to be friendly and polite and set a good example. They can choose to get involved, or not." I loved that - don't put brace into people.

What about if you just changed your wording to convey the same message. How about instead of "private" you put "visitors welcome by appointment only"? Consider really thinking about what you want to do with your facility .. if you want to host clinics and camps and special events, but not operate a boarding facility - then word it, positively, conveying what you do. You said you were putting gates? Your sign doesn't have to say the same message as your gates. You don't want to miss those potential natural horsemanship students!! I tend to think the size should be large enough to be seen, but small enough to be subtle. Like you said - you have a full time career! Chickens, eggs and NH?? Quite a mix!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Shannon--great ideas and I was thinking about the by appointment. Now, I have to figure out how I want people to contact. I plan to have gates open and closed so if open, by all means come in. I also love the no brace piece. Unfortunately, I am the rare creature up here, the Parelli person. I know this going in though so all is good. I will give this much more thought and will try to defy conventional methods allowing for the embracing of new people with like minds.

The chicken thing...well, got a bit carried away with the incubator this winter and now have 60 or so birds! And, I just love them. We also have a huge garden, worthy of selling veggies at the road.

We have many things to think about and I truly appreciate your feedback, it keeps me thinking. How do I reach out and protect my interests and values at the same time...how interesting! :)

How is your project coming along?

Shannon :) said...

Yesterday was a very good day .. appeared at the town council meeting to defend my variance application (I want to build outside of the 1100 ft.sq allowable by the building bylaws for our 10 acre property). As I knew all 6 town councillors personally, it went very well and they approved my application. Yippee!! That was the major hurdle i had to overcome - the builder (and the building design) are complete and construction begins in August. I am finally allowing myself to be excited!! Love the pictures of yours - coming along beautifully!! :)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...


(We must have been separated at birth. LOL)