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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healing thoughts needed for Charley Cox and her Family

Charley Cox update: from Facebook

Yesterday afternoon in Colorado Charley Cox was kicked in the head by a horse. Charley was air lifted to a local hospital where she is in stable condition in ICU. It appears that she has a minor skull fracture and a broken jaw. The doctors are monitoring her closely. We are asking for PRAYERS for the Cox Family at this difficult time. We will do our best to keep you all updated here on FB. Please allow Chris and Barb to spend some quiet time with Charley. As soon as we have more information we will post it here. The best thing for everybody is to keep them in your prayers right now. Thank You!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ I think my tractor's sexy! LOL ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Rick and I purchased our first tractor last night.  It is a compact YanMar (see above).  We are getting older, are really busy, and digging and doing everything by hand just isn't feasible anymore. Hiring every job out gets expensive and of course, you always have to wait.  So, we went ahead and made the purchase.  Financing tractors is really good right now, most dealers have 0% interest (in case you are in the market). The YanMar was on sale and at 0%...you just cannot beat that! I still need to get a brush hog and perhaps a few other implements, not sure yet.

Nothing going on on the barn build at the moment.  We are still in a holding pattern waiting for back-ordered materials. I did find a few more photos on Rick's cell phone (see below).  We plan to polyurethane the wood before using the facility so we have a lot of work to do once the build is complete! We are still waiting for an electricity and plumbing plan and estimate and I've not finalized anything with the sign yet.

If you were wondering, I've also not had any time to play horsey! It is just going to be one of those years I guess. I have been swamped with work, the projects, and well, time, never enough....maybe today, I'll at least sit on Fosse and feed him cookies! HEHE

Have a lovely weekend folks, more later!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Coming Together Nicely

Things at the farm are all coming together. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy (thanks to Rick of course).  Please forgive me for not writing much tonight but, I'm completely exhausted.  I am running on about 8 hours of sleep in the past two days and have been working really hard at the University and then again when I get home.  I'll give you a better update this weekend.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I am trying to design my farm sign and would love opinions and ideas. I have a logo that I'll be using that is a stylized horse image that is akin to something I saw on an old TV program called One-Step-Beyond. I will have the farm name (Hidden Meadows) on it.  So, what else?  Should I have our names?  Our town's name? Address? Should I say Natural Horsemanship on the main sign? I do plan to have smaller signs to hang off of the large sign to indicate things available like our chickens and eggs, clinics, etc.

Another issue...privacy. I've seen farms list on their websites that they are private but, they offer services like training, boarding, lessons, clinics, etc.  I am debating on putting the word private on my farm sign. I am wondering if using private would help me have a more selective clientele and keep the local riff-raff from wandering in? But, I also don't want to scare folks off from checking us out. I am not in this for the money because I have a full-time career so, that impacts things a bit. I know it sounds terrible to say but ever since we started building our indoor arena and barn, all kinds of people keep showing up unannounced and I'd rather that not be the case necessarily.  It seems that people we know and don't know are all of a sudden interested in us but to me, it is not us they are interested in, it is our facility that they are interested in and that is a bit disconcerting. There are certainly many nice horse folks around but, there are also some, that in my opinion (and Rick's) who should not even own a horse let alone a dog, cat, or be in the caretaker role for a child. I want to select who comes to the farm for horse activities even if it means less traffic I guess. So, what are your thoughts?  Am I going down the wrong path? (We are installing a driveway gate - poles went in yesterday.)

And size....how large or small?   I cannot go any larger that 4'x4' according to the code officer and frankly, that seems way too large. But, how small can you go before you cannot see let alone read it! And shape?  So many to choose from. So many questions....colors, another issue.  Should the farm colors match the barn colors?  I guess?! Gold leaf or not?

What does your sign look like?  And, who'd you hire to make it?  I am still looking but thinking Briar Hill Signworks may be the company I use.Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Blog of the day on Haynet! WOW! :)

I just found out that my blog made Haynet's blog of the day...how cool is that??? CLICK HERE to go to the post!  Haynet is a great UK site for social blogging for the equine and country world! http://hay-net.co.uk

Gardening and Barns, Good Times!

The barn project is going quite well.  Siding is up, roofs are in good shape, and the entire project simply amazing.  It's funny how this project is making people come out of the woodwork--including those that stop when they think we are not at home (a bit disconcerting really on so many levels).  We don't know everyone that is doing this, and some we do.  Slow drive-byes, people needing to turn around in our driveway, and the like. I fear that some fair-weather friends will appear too....hopefully not, I don't have time for that kind of behavior.  

Since starting the project, I've been asked all kinds of inappropriate questions including but not limited to people trying to inquire about how I am paying for the project, if it is going to be a so-called money-maker, and so forth! I mean really, whose business is this anyway--no ones! Why are people such busy-bodies? I mean really, I'd never so such a thing to someone. If anything, I'd be happy for them, period. 

In any event, things are going very well and my driveway gate is being installed.  Rick and I are very clear that we will be very selective about who comes to our place and what kinds of events we hold.  A bit horse-snobbish? Perhaps but, that is our prerogative, it's our farm. We have high standards and have no reason to change.  We really hope to host Parelli events and other educational-type events that are supportive of horses everywhere! We are not interested in events that we see as anti-horse and only pro-human. You Parelli folks know what I mean! :)

In among this big project, I've been working with my mom and Rick putting in the vegetable garden, including 10 raised beds. It is coming along nicely and we will be very happy for the food later in the season.  Rick cans and freezes our crops and we love to grow our own food...YUM.

So, please enjoy the latest photos and videos.  They are from the last few days. More to come!