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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Only 3 1/2 Days and Look at This!

The builders have worked for 3 1/2 days and check out these photos and video (thanks Rick--aka my shutter bug). These guys are superheroes! The drivers of all of the trucks are too....amazing talent. Our roof is in sans the sky lights. They are working long, hard hours, running around on the roof as if they were on the ground, and everything is perfect. A second crew came in from Connecticut this morning, arriving at 7am and started working, worked until 7pm and headed back to Connecticut.  Our crew leaves at 1am for Connecticut to assist the other guys with another roof job on a cow barn.  They'll return Monday or Tuesday next week to continue on our job. I have to say that today, when I got back from my business trip to Lake Placid, and saw the building with the trusses in and the roof being built before my very eyes, I was a bit teary.  Reality hit hard, it's like a dream. 

And, here is a very brief update on a few other things.  Morgan is doing much better, back to her old self.  My journey to better health is not going the greatest but I am not giving up.  And last but not least, today is our 22nd year wedding anniversary.  So, I am living the dream with my best friend and soul mate....love you, Rick. :) 

Enjoy the photos and video, more to come next week!


Janine said...

Wow, this is all sooooo amazing! Your sooooo lucky and deserving to have your dream come true!!!

Shannon :) said...

Did you run around inside it and pretend you were cantering????? I am so excited for you!! :) Made some headway on our own building this week - had a great meeting with building department and our application for the minor variance is in - fingers are crossed that it goes through without a hitch - only 6-8 weeks of patience required!! We selected our builder and building this week ... so excitement is starting to set in! Now I see yours taking shape and I can't wait for ours to get started!! {{hugs}}

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks ladies.

Great news, Shannon, keep me posted!