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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Everything is Coming Together

Just a brief update on the barn/arena project which is well under way.  My financing is in order, the barn builder is hired, documents are all signed and sent, the barn and components are being ordered, and they plan to be here on Monday, May 14! Although excavation has been halted for several days because of the weather (rain), the construction company feels confident they will be ready for the barn contractor and his crew as planned. Other components of the project such as lighting, plumbing, and other final touches are still being planned and will be phased in as the budget allows.  We simply cannot do everything at once but the biggest pieces of the puzzle are together.

We are also working on a farm sign and logo. The logo is a stylized horse.  My inspiration came from an old TV show, sponsored by Alcoa Aluminum, called, "One Step Beyond." There was a fireplace screen in the background of an episode and I noticed there was a horse on it. Anyhow, it was what my mind had been seeing forever and there it was! So, I am trying to work out the logo and the sign---cost is amazingly expensive---or perhaps, just more than I ever anticipated.

I have to say that Franklin Builders have been a great company to work with.  They have been extraordinary in communication, follow-up, listening and responding to my needs, and have designed a beautiful structure. Our local contractor has been equally helpful in making this all happen! Not all people who were engaged in this process were like these two companies.  There were several companies that simply didn't respond at all!  Apparently they don't need any work.

So, all is going well.  I have a few photos below.  This is the training pond that is also being dug. There is a great deal of work to do! As a reminder, we are using the fill for the foundation of the building on the other side of the property.  This pond area is where the equipment was getting stuck.  Therefore, as you can see, they brought in huge gravel to help.  I believe that the excavation will restart tomorrow. :)

(The brown building is my decrepitude chicken coup.  It is a shed that was here when we moved in that we moved and re-purposed. I guess it looks better if you see the entire thing.  Nonetheless, it will be replaced and relocated.  We are still trying to figure out where...a project for another day.)


Shannon :) said...

I. Am. Jealous. So sounds like you will be ready to handle guests who want to come and play at your new facility? International guests?

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

International guest are more than welcome! :)