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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Day 3 - Stuck in the Mud

So, day three consisted of muck removal from the pond area and heavy equipment getting stuck in the mud - thanks to the rain.  It looks like some of the work may be delayed for a few days and that a water pump may be brought in.

On a happier note, Rick did fine a quarter-sized turtle near the tires of a large truck.  He now is a temporary resident in my house until the pond is completed and he can be released safely. It looks like action on the job will be slow for the next few days.

I have been barraged with extremely detailed oriented tasks, lots of conversations with a variety of people, and paperwork galore throughout this project.  Yesterday, I submitted documents and got the building permit approved.  And, apparently, I live in a very small town! Rick had to call his hairstylist in town asking for the contact information to her ex-husband as he used to own our property. Anyhow, he wanted to find out the location of the well and septic system that was up in the front-end (near the barn project). There used to be a mobile home up there and a farm house before that so, we knew there were commodities we needed to explore.  Anyhow, he called her and she told him about our project! LOL It's all good, of course, just hilarious. Fortunately, the gentleman came out, showed us where the septic and well are located and we can hook in!  This was wonderful news.

I've taken care (and am working on) many logistics regarding our land classification, tax implications, defining ourselves as a farm, and even got a DBA for Hidden Meadows making us an official entity. I am also working on ordering a farm sign, still working on the budget/to-do items like electrical and plumbing, finishing materials, etc.  Overall the project will go on for some time but the initial stuff is really coming together nicely.

By the way, the package from the builder has arrived in the mail.  This is the fun part, I get to pick out colors, stall options, weather vanes, etc. Are you having fun yet, I know I am! Now to stay focused for the day until I get home and can look through it! I have a checklist of items to get back to them as soon as possible so that they can order the barn.

So that is the latest update.  Sorry, no photos today.

P.S.  I've been going to the gym and doing well...just a little brag. :)

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