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Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 22 - Progress and Excitement at Hidden Meadows

It was an exciting day at Hidden Meadows.  Our wonderful crew of four arrived from Pennsylvania and despite being on the road all day, they promptly started working.   Our project manager and one of the owners of Franklin Builders said we've have a great crew and he was right. They have a level of energy that is enviable and are very willing to communicate to ensure everything goes well. 

Soon after they arrived, a tractor trailer fully loaded with wood, stalls, and more! While the crew worked on drilling holes, their foreman drove 2+ hours (one-way) to get their 32' fully-equipped camper that even has two slide-outs, a really nice unit. Anyhow, just as the holes were finished, the cement mixer arrived and poured the footers. It is amazing how everything was coordinated. Later on, the camper arrived, we helped get them settled, hooked up electric and water, and off to dinner and bed for the crew (and us - we are tired).

Not only were we dealing with the project but, our dog Morgan hurt herself over the weekend and she needed tending to (with a potential vet visit had I not seen progress in her recovery). I even had to cancel a business trip because of her injury.  That said, no worries, she seems much better albeit sore. It was really difficult to see her in pain (physical and mental).

Anyhow, below are several photos and video thanks to Rick (in no particular order)!  Enjoy!


Shannon :) said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you - your building has arrived!! Can't wait to see it take shape! Ours is selected .. so if our buildings look similar it is purely by coincidence and I am not copying you ;) We've had a few developments here with ours as well and I have a meeting with the county planning department tomorrow - hopefully the last hurdle and our construction will begin mid-September! Glad your dog is on the mend .... have a great week!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Shannon. This has been a really great project and there will be more to come later (lighting, etc.)
- I'd never build a house though! :)