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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not for the faint at heart

Barn planning is not for the faint at heart. I am anxious, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I've been talking to many more builders of all types of barns/arenas. Fabric, wood, metal, and have even spoke to a container building firm. I am looking at all options but there are so many choices, so many hidden costs, and frankly, this is starting to feel like a full-time job.

I believe that pricing for construction in today's world is much more expensive than I ever realized. And so, my plans continue to morph. I know that I won't walk away with the executive show barn or anything but, I will walk away with a functional. nice-looking space where I can play and enjoy my horses. It is sometimes hard to make the shift from ultimate desires to reality but, I am coping. I should feel happier than I do, I mean I am building a dream but, somehow, my mind's gotten caught up in the ugly world of difficult financial choices, being an adult, and making compromises.

The level of detail needed to do a job like this is amazing. You have to contact the excavators, the building manufacturers, construction companies, the town, supply warehouses, the bank, and there re others! The list of questions seems endless and the answers are fascinating, and different depending on who you call.

So, onward and upward! I am digesting the information, gathering quotes, ideas, and other information into a massive spreadsheet, and a decision will be made. I am building an arena and barn this year, period. I may however, have to phase part of the project (like stalls and lounge set-up/finishing later in the fall or early spring but, that is doable, as long as I can get the overall structures in place.

More to come as I know it!

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Shannon South said...

OMG - do I hear what you are saying!! We are in exactly the same place ... decisions and options - it is enough to drive a person crazy!! It is difficult to let go of the ultimate dream barn and face the reality of affordability with functionality. Looks as though we are going to scale ours back even from where we were last week .. we have the additional stress of size limitations imposed by our township due to the size of property we have (10 acres at this location). After much discussion we have decided that this home and property is not our final destination ... so the barn/arena we build here isn't the "dream" barn, but one to be functional for the next few years and to add value to our property. THEN .. when we finally find our "home" farm ... the dream barn can be built there. I keep thinking though that this should be easier than it is! I am excited to be at the planning phase - better than where I was last year, still at the dreaming phase!! Keep me posted as you progress!