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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a little update on my constant journey to better health. I am feeling much better than I look but that will come in time. As you know, I lost a lot in 2010, gained a bunch back in 2011, had several false starts this year but, I never gave up and never will.  My hope is that this time, I'll have the wisdom and skills to keep  the weight off and continue living healthy no matter what.  I am still struggling with the guilt and am still very disappointed with myself for regaining most (but not all) of the weight. Last Saturday I started back strong, worked out several times during the week, and made several wise meal choices. It was not perfect but I lost 2.2lbs. I have been sick all week so some exercise was modified or skipped (breathing being the issue, darned cold/flu bug).

I am not attending Weight Watchers meetings because I am simply unable to fit them in my schedule at the moment (but do recommend the program). Therefore, I am on my own which is not easy.  I am using the Body Media Fit Link device, Jillian Michael's website, and the knowledge and tools that I already have about food and exercise.  I even did the Beach Body Brazilian Butt Lift workout this morning and it was tough! I had to modify but this time, felt okay with it.  In the past, if I had to modify I gave up the workout. I recently bought the entire Brazilian set and was disappointed that the ankle weights didn't fit---OMG---I have work to do (or this set was designed for already fit, really small people, lol.) I have added Jillian's workout videos to my repertoire as well and am enjoying them more than I had in the past . I think that then, I wasn't willing or able to make a change in my workout routine but now, bring it on, I'll do anything!  I also continue to do Zumba at home (no classes fit in my schedule right now), Leslie Sansone videos, Gin Miller videos, other miscellaneous exercise DVDs, the gym during the work week, and of course outdoor activity (weather permitting). I really look forward to having the indoor arena because not only will I use it with the horses and get exercise in with them but, Morgan and I will also use it as a walk/run location when the weather is nasty. I am thinking of getting dog agility stuff to play with her, she did a little of that back in doggie school.

So the main keys to success and better health for me are exercise, wise choices, and planning. I have my week planned and am following it (my week starts on Saturday which is the day I weigh myself). I also took body measurements to track progress in another way.

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