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Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 1 Barn/Arena Project - They broke ground this morning, let the barn raising begin! :)

Well, today was the first day of excavation (we anticipate 1-2 weeks of work on this phase).   I was not home for the excitement but Rick thankfully was.  He managed the site and worked with Irvin and his crew.  They started with stripping the topsoil, stripped the size of the barns (although will expand the area much farther in the days to come), and put in the first phase of the parking lot that will be in front of the structure. We will be able to use much of the topsoil behind our house where we need to build up the land.  Lots of coordination and bartering going on thanks to Rick, lol. Apparently for the use of Irvin's Bobcat, he will get some of the topsoil for his place too and apparently Rick promised Irvin's wife some of my chickens (something I will deal with when the time comes--she'd provide a wonderful home and with the guinea hens (including all newly anticipated hatchlings) I have about 75 birds. Tomorrow, they will start digging the pond and using that soil for the foundation of the building, moving more trees, loads and loads of gravel, and I am certain much more  am unaware of. So far, so good! 

I on the other hand today, in amongst working all day (and we were very busy as it is finals week at the University), got to talk to the builder again and the town appraiser/building code enforcement officer.  Lots to do on the logistical end still including but not limited to making final decisions on siding, colors, etc.  I am the planner and director of this project and Rick is the ground supervisor, aka clerk of the works. FUN, FUN, FUN! Sometimes we feel confident and other times are worried to the point of not sleeping. As I wrote before, this is not for the faint at heart.

Below are some photos of the progress. It is a bit difficult to make sense of things at the moment but I thought I'd share anyway. (FYI - The mobile home in the photo is not ours, that is the neighbor's place.  Our home is in the woods and not viewable on this part of the property.)

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