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Monday, April 16, 2012

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Well, I got the quote from Morton Buildings today and apparently I have champagne taste on a beer budget (story of my life). The quote was three times what I expected! I have to admit that I had read many posts on message boards purporting that Morton was expensive but this was rather ridiculous. They are going to rework the design but, I am not very confident that they will be able to meet my needs and stay within my budget. You know, it isn't like I was expecting 1980's pricing for goodness sake!

So, now for plan B, (which was my original, long ago plan anyway---back to the fabric structure idea). Rather than being closed minded, I am always willing to rethink plans (whether I want to or not). I decided to call my friend Beth who I told you about the other day. She owns Adirondack Structures and sells Britespan and Norseman structures. I spoke with her about my main concerns which include (for now) cover replacement cost should I need to after the warranty is up (after 16 years) and marketability should I need to sell. Much to my surprise, replacement covers are less than I expected and doable. Resale is at about 60-70% initial investment value and apparently, people actually are always looking to buy used buildings, take them down, and put up at their homes - who knew?! An additional benefit is the lack of property taxes because the building is movable and thus, temporary. And, I learned that they retain heat in the winter and that using salamander heaters, not only can I get the snow to melt and disappear but, should I choose to, I can easily take the chill out of the air and not freeze to death! She told me that there is an 80' x 209' in Lake Placid that when it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, people were walking around in t-shirts because they had a few salamander heaters running. Wow, now that is a draw!

So, I basically got a lesson in humility (again - hahaha) and severe dose of reality, particularly when it comes to construction (a lesson I can easily translate into my professional life). So, I've down-scaled my original design to ensure that I stay within my budget and am getting a quote from Beth in the next few days. I am having her send several quotes giving her free-reign to suggest ideas. I also drew up a plan that includes 65’ x 130’Indoor Riding Arena with attached 36’ x 48’ Horse Barn (see below--you may need to click on the image and use the zoom feature in your browser). The design did not call for a loft but, we may do that anyway to save space, nothing I have to decide at the moment. Here is the design I sent her this evening. A little smaller than the Morton Structure but, I believe it is still quite adequate for my needs. (I got a fast quote on the structure size I sent to Morton and she was far less but, I still see a need to down-size.) The lesson learned here is to be flexible, open-minded, and have a back-up plan. :) More to come!


Lisa said...

My only suggestion is this - go as wide as possible. 65' may look wide but when you start working at the canter, it gets narrow. There is barely enough room in our 60' wide arena to get a good simple change, let alone a flying change.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Lisa. I also have her drawing up a quote for a 72' wide. This is so complicated!!!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Okay, I just sent her an email to be sure she gives me figures for a 72'x120' and a 72'x140'. Any wider and it is too pricey.