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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Universe and Asking the Right Questions

I have been getting some good doses of reality this week on my ability to build an indoor arena. I have been talking about this forever and with the winter weather here, it always builds momentum. It is very icy here, very icy. Lola and Whiskey don't even want to leave the barn this morning and according to Rick, Fosse was almost on his butt trying to get back to the barn when he was feeding. We have been using Sure-Foot and manure to help with the pathways outside but, everything is ice, ice, ice. So, riding at my place or even play time....yeah right, not happening! Well, we do mini-play time in the barn where they run in but, that is a space of 20'x24' (or so). Each time I engage with my horses, I use my natural horsemanship skills of course but, darn it, I want to run, play, and ride!

The biggest barrier is funds. These buildings are very costly, period. Materials and labor makes the project completely unattainable at this time. I have been looking at all kinds of buildings, fabric structures, wood, metal, Quonset, etc. I have even thought about a small structure but for the money, the space is just too small and not worth the investment. Many kinds of structures and designs won't work with our snow load while others are just too much for me to justify the expense. We are not a horse business nor do we want to be. Nothing is simple nor affordable. GRRR.

My other quest, if you recall, was looking at new horse trailers with living quarters. Well, those too, very costly, well above what I can spend and justify to spend. We've decided to stick with our current trailer (with the idea to maybe upgrade our bumper pull someday) and get a camper for our truck (someday) - I'd like a new truck but alas, that is not happening either. Anyhow, with a truck camper (with a slide-out), we can have the living quarters option whether we are pulling the horse trailer or our boat, or nothing at all. Which would make our set-up more versatile.

It may seem like my pie-in-the-sky dreams about our horse farm are all a bust. I suppose they are...I've always been guilty of wander lust and having a champagne taste with a beer budget. However, this just makes me think, okay, what can I do and how can I make things a bit nicer. We have a great deal to be grateful for and I cannot forget that. We have a nice place, much more than most. I have healthy, happy horses. What I don't have is the dreamy equestrian center that millionaires have and in reality, I never will. I have to come to terms with this sooner rather than later. :)

I have some strong (sometimes perceived as strange) ideas. I believe that we send energy to the Universe and that our attitudes, thoughts, and actions directly affect our lives. If you ask the Universe for it, be clear on what you want and if you aren't, don't be surprised at what you get. I believe if we are negative, we get to back, and sometimes 10-fold. So, I guess what I am saying (to myself as much as to you and anyone reading this), be positive, strive for betterment, and reflect on why you feel not so happy, not so awake, or whatever else is bothersome and fix it. I believe that we make our own destiny and that we shape our lives, we are responsible for who we are, and what we get out of it. Life is too short to sell ourselves and our lives short. We all will have bumps in the road, I am not Polly-Anna about it, but we are responsible to stop our negative actions and feelings in their tracks.

I am not negative about my obstacles but I trying really hard to now be more realistic. (Not always an easy task.) A proactive thought will be to put in a nicer outdoor arena (much like I had in Virginia), something a bit more official than what I have now, and get my permanent round pen (a plan I have had for the last two years). I think these two things will make me feel happier about my already nice farm. Perhaps we can find a way to make the arena usable on winter days as well---not sure how but it seems that research on an all-weather arena is in order!

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