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Friday, November 04, 2011

Strong Back = Happy Horse Time

Life has been really busy...what else is new!? We picked up and loaded 4 loads of hay about two weeks ago (320 bales) and have 3 loads to do this weekend (an additional 240). It takes Rick and I two hours per load which includes the drive time, loading, and unloading...yeah, we do all the work and it is tiring! He'll be picking up several loads of shavings next week too (one huge scoop is a cubic yard...we will be probably getting 3 or 4 for now). The new woodshed has worked out great as it holds firewood, we've created a shavings bin, and it holds some hay too...the overflow. In any event, as you can see, we are gearing up for a long, cold, winter.

I have been starting to feel like my old self again. I am happy to report that I have had four days straight with no back pain and I haven't seen my chiropractor in three weeks...this is great news indeed, great news. This evening, I even got in 45 minutes of horse time.

When I got out to the barn, Lola immediately ran into the barn to meet me. She was eager to see me and so, I tacked her up and we headed out in the paddock. It was getting dark and there is some light out there so it seemed to be the best place to hang out. I realized quickly that all of the horses were fairly spunky and I decided to play with her on the ground first. We ended up having a stellar session at liberty. You'd have thought we had been playing on a daily basis when in fact, it has been some time. She and I walked and trotted here and there, she went in all directions I asked her to do, yielded, maintained gait and direction, played with obstacles, and I think had a blast...I know I did! We were truly partnered up (I was even having fleeting thoughts about attending a clinic together--someday)! During the play time, Fosse and Whiskey kept checking in and playing with us too but primarily, this was Lola and Michelle time.

After sitting on a log for a brief break (and feeding the horses some treats), I picked up the natural hackamore and Lola and Whiskey walked off, Fosse however did not and so I put it on him and we rode around, from here to there, having a lovely time together as the night grew dark. My back didn't have any pain as it did the last time I rode so I am feeling more and more confident that I can truly get back into a more proactive exercise and hands-on horse routine again. It is amazing what an injury can do to your spirit let along your physical fitness. I've been so upset about my horsemanship and my fitness, for months now, but tonight felt exciting and was motivational and encouraging, a wonderful shift from my thoughts as I've been dwelling on the fact that I feel like everything has proceeded backwards! Anyhow...

So besides getting hay over the weekend, I've got hooves to trim and hopefully horse play time and riding too! I'd love to haul Lola to the St. Lawrence River for some play time but I doubt we will be able to go, we are simply too busy...someday. For now, we will just keep fitting in what we can and I'll keep things going. I really think a clinic or local a Parelli friend would be helpful to me but, neither seems to be in our near future...I've got to get Rick more involved in the hands-on horse play...hmmm. :)

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