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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not just for me, but for my horses

To decide is to walk facing forward with nary a crick in your neck from looking back at the crossroads. ~Betsy Cañas Garmon

I am still here but have been extraordinarily busy at home and at work. We have all of the hay shavings, and firewood put up for the winter. It takes a lot to live in the country, in the woods, in the north country! Work is also extraordinarily busy and I'm getting a great deal accomplished (thank goodness I love my work otherwise at this point, I'd be going mad). LOL

I have also strayed way off track over that last several months--easy to do when you are focusing on everything but oneself. That said, today is a new day and my first back on track, completely, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I went to the gym and have been enjoying healthy nutrition choices today (yeah for protein shakes laced with veggies and fruits, and of course Arbonne detox tea--I feel really good).

The weekend also looks very promising weather-wise which means horse time! I have hooves to trim (still), more pre-winter clean-up, and hopefully some riding and playtime! I won't be able to haul them anywhere (like the river...boo-hoo) because my horse trailer is full of our final load of hay. There is literally no where to put it! But, we have a great farm and plenty of things to do and an certain boredom is not going to be an issue.

My back has been doing great and yesterday, the chiropractor informed me that I was now on maintenance! YEAH! It has been 5 months seeing him and about two months of agony prior to that. This year has been difficult on so many levels in my life but, Rick and I are both on the mend, things will start to slow down (I think), and it is time to refocus (for more than one day, lol). I remembered the other night, while riding Fosse, that I was expecting him to carry a heavier load...I felt terrible about that...yeah, that is the reality folks, what we weigh and how physically fit we are impacts our horses too (like it or not). This is not just a, "I don't like how I look/feel" kind of thing. This is a "my horse has to cope with my issues too...not fair" kind of thing.

Saying and doing are not the same. So, my strategy to ensure follow-through is to plan healthy meals (including quick fixes for those times when I am out of energy and have the urge to grab and go), journal everything, drink lots of water, eat healthy foods avoiding processed garbage of all varieties, daily exercise, and a great deal of positive self talk (probably the most difficult part of my plan). Planning leads to action! So, here's to getting my weight back down, fitness back up, and to goal...not only for me but, for my horses---who are frankly, most important!


Lisa said...

"I remembered the other night, while riding Fosse, that I was expecting him to carry a heavier load...I felt terrible about that..."

Why? Did Fosse complain?

My Cricket has been carrying me around since she was 2.5. Not once has she fussed about my weight; not once has she refused to pick up up because I gained a few pounds.

I understand being more fit. Horsemanship is a physically demanding activity (contrary to popular opinion) and the more fit, the less you are prone to injury. And as you advance through the levels, it gets harder. So I get it, I really do.

Not one of your horses cares that you've had some setbacks and gained some weight.

Let go of the negative self-talk. Even the pieces that come off as concern for others (like the quote above). Your horses care more about you as a leader and play-mate than anything else.

I'm sure Cricket appreciates the 15lbs I've lost. But if I gained it all back, she wouldn't mind. I know I cannot ask her to be athletic without striving for the same. But that will come with time (and setbacks) and I'll enjoy riding her and being with her regardless.

Your horses see only your beauty and they mirror that back to you in their desire to be with you. Bask in the reflection!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Lisa, thank you, as always, a great comment! I LOVED this, "Your horses see only your beauty and they mirror that back to you in their desire to be with you. Bask in the reflection!" (And, no, Fosse didn't complain a bit. I need to get out of my own head...Rick tells me all the time to just give myself a break, I need to try listening.)

Yours ever,

Lisa said...

Self-love and acceptance are hard. Criticism and self-deprecation are easy. Because society expects us to be ashamed and embarrassed and so we agree to those roles and chide ourselves for being less than perfect.

It's a difficult thing to love yourself just the way you are and yet strive for improvement. But the best changes come out of a place of love rather than one of loathing. Growth and change stem from the love you have for yourself RIGHT NOW not because you need to become something other to be worthy of that love. I know you know this :)

Something that helps me: Before you say anything negative about yourself, imagine saying the same thing about someone you love deeply. If you wouldn't say the same thing about Rick or Clare or another beloved friend, why is it okay to say it about yourself? Imagine Rick or Clare saying the same thing to you? You would feel awful, betrayed and hurt. Yet saying it to yourself is somehow okay - except that it's not!

The love that surrounds you is there because of who and what you are RIGHT NOW! Revel in it!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Sending you a HUGE HUG, Lisa. :)

Shannon South said...

Thank you so much for this post and the comments too. I tend to focus on the negative side of improving myself and more often than not is what causes me to derail. I headed back to WW last night and am trying to look at it differently - to love me but have the goal to improve me. As always your comments are perfectly timed and well spoken! My strategy is a mirror of your strategy - here is to feeling better physically and mentally!!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Shannon--Great job getting back to it. Thank you for reading and your kind comments. I am struggling today but pushing through the best I can. One decision at a time. :)