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Monday, November 21, 2011

My little escape artist...and my Parelli-thinking Hubby

I am very thankful today. It is so obvious to me that Rick has paid attention to all things Parelli over the years even though he isn't necessarily playing with the horses like I do (or should be doing). He was easily able to get my horse Lola back in the paddock (at liberty) after he found her hanging out eating grass this morning---she apparently is an escape artist when the fence if off---it's on now! :)

This morning, he drove to the front of the property to feed the animals and there she was, Sweet n' Friendly Lola (her registered name), loose. When she first saw him in the Blazer, she trotted about. His first gut feeling was nervousness and he went and got her halter and lead. But then, he decided that since she wasn't near the road and that was the biggest safety issue, he'd first make sure that this remained to be the case. So, rather than approaching her and/or chasing after her, he set the lead and halter down and put the electric fence gate in place, and fed the boys some hay in the upper paddock. He figured if those two were distracted, he could deal with her more easily and I agree. He then opened up the fenced in area so that she'd have normal access back into the paddock (she had gone under the temporary fence to escape because it was off and she is smart enough to know that--lol). Then, Lola came up to him and started following him around. They mosied at liberty and she put herself away. Everyone was safe, calm, and both walked away with their dignity and spirits in tack. I am so pleased that he knew that chasing a horse was not the answer but partnering with her was...I'm so proud.


Sonshine said...

How awesome!

strivingforsavvy said...

That is wonderful! My husband is the same way! Aren't we lucky?

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I always consider myself to have Rick in my life and this incident reaffirms it. I guess that is why we've been together for so long (married 21.5 years). Soul mates and the horse art of my soul has infected his heart. :)