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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Linda Parelli's Horse West Point Dies in Freak Accident

I just learned that Linda Parelli's horse West Point died suddenly from a freak accident. I have no specific details but wanted to post a quick message to tell you all. I encourage that you connect on Parelli Connect or Facebook to send her your thoughts of sympathy and regard (I did). RIP West Point.

Linda---My sincere sympathy in your profound loss. May you find comfort knowing his memory will live on in all whose lives he touched. oxox

Linda wrote on Parelli Connect: "Thank you all for your thoughts and comfort. I feel sad, still in some kind of disbelief. Westy was such a magnificent horse, he taught me so much. Yesterday was the best day ever with him and I'm so glad I have the photos to cherish. I'm glad I got to share him with you all too. :)"

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