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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hay, hay, and more hay

I typically get my hay one load at a time. Well this weekend, I was told that I needed to get all of my hay (600 bales), right away. Our hay provider determined that the barn has a leak and I suspect, also just wants all the hay out (all that is not hers anyway). It was a bit alarming and a shock, definitely overwhelming at first, mostly because I needed to quickly gather much more cash than I typically have on hand and find space that I didn't anticipate to have to find, asap. Our plans were to get a load (80 bales), which is how we typically get our hay, a load at a time every month or so. In any event, instead of our regularly scheduled load, we worked all day yesterday and were able to get in 4 loads in 8 or 9 hours (320 of 600 bales). We had to stop as it got dark and frankly, Rick and I were out of energy. Fortunately, we are able to store the balance for the next two weeks until we can come back for the last three loads. We are putting hay as high and as tight as possible in the barn, we've fit in a load in the woodshed, and I hope we will be able to fit the rest in the barn as we've never stored so much at once...I suspect one load will have to stay in the horse trailer and be fed out first (80 bales fit in the trailer). Someday, I hope to have more hay storage space and a supplier that delivers...Rick and I are wiped out but on a happy note, in the next few weeks, all hay hauling and stacking will be done for the season...a first for us which is fairly exciting!


Lauren said...

WOW - I can't believe that Rick and you are in great enough shape to be able to personally load/unload 320 bales of hay in one day!! That is way beyond my capacity! So I hope you've acknowledged yourselves!! - Lauren

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

LOL--we probably didn't. It is hard to remember to acknowledge the positive. That said, we do know that we are a great team and work very well together...a perfect match indeed. :) I hope you are well, Lauren. Happy Horsin' ---M