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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The smell of horses, Autumn.

Autumn is in full swing here, colorful leaves are flying and falling,the rain is pouring , and the temperatures have dropped. When I go outside, I need a coat, boots, and almost a hat. The fall smell is in the air, something that has always reminds me of horses, one of my favorite seasons.

The horses are all getting fuzzy and have eaten everything possible in our fields. As the apples drop, the horses snatch them up like sweet morsels, running to the apple tree as soon as they are sent out in the playground, galloping, squealing, and running to be sure they get them before one another, a race to happiness!

As I watch my horses this year, I have noticed new herd dynamics, more confidence in wandering away from one another, and yet, they still each have their own little spark, unique horsenality, and our relationship thrives, something I notice with each interaction. Remembering that horses are way more than riding is my saving grace this year. My back still aches daily some days better than others (thank goodness for my chiropractor), I never remember feeling like this in all the years but since April or so, I have felt OLD. I warned Rick this morning that I am probably gearing up for my mid-life crises, lol.

I turn 40 this December and am not feeling graceful about it! My thoughts wander and I often wonder if I've wasted time, I feel like life is so short, and that I am no where near where I'd hoped to be in my horsemanship journey. The rest of my life is well on track, successful career, beautiful home, great husband and beautiful animals fill my life. But, I feel like there is so much to do and so little time! I should be thankful, I enjoy a comfortable and good life, not fancy, not wealthy, but genuinely good and honest but yet, I always dream about wanting/needing more, about travel, about living in new and exciting places...yeah, I'm a dreamer.

Enjoy the autumn with your horses, it is a great time to connect, a beautiful time of year to enjoy being outside, and what is better than being with horses??? HMMMM, probably nothing.

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