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Monday, October 17, 2011

Listening Intently

How intently do you listen to your surroundings? With so much external sound in today's busy, digital world, it is easy to ignore some of the most wonderous sounds. My life is full of technology and its beeps, alarms, and other sounds and activities, I have constant streams of people talking to me all day long, and many other typical stressors. I love it but, it also can consume me in an unhealthy manner, I ride the fine line of technology addiction, a professional hazard.

I've been making a conserted effort to spend time with the horses over the last several days and I am feeling very satisfied. We are not doing much, as you know, because it is raining, cold, and dark when I get home. However, I am still spending time and that is all that matters. Tonight, I got in an hour feeding the horses and cleaning the barn. I enjoyed listening to them, more intently than in a long time, listening to their whinnys and knickers, listening to their hooves hit the ground and shuffle the shavings, their teeth chew and crunch their hay, carrots, alfalfa cubes & pellets. I listened as they sucked up and drooled water on the floor. I listened to them breathe, listened as they moved one another around, I just listened as I cleaned and checked in with Morgan who was hanging out in the barn with me, not making a sound. I listened as the shovel scraped the ground and as it plunged into the clean shavings pile, all of these sounds filling the air, but not polluting it like the other sounds I typically hear day after day. These sounds were soothing and enjoyable. The barn is a place of solice for me and I am glad to be back out there. I realize that I don't have to feel guilty and avoidant just because I cannot do everything I want or feel I should be doing, I realize that every moment is truly special and welcomed by my beautiful and forgiving horses.

As Morgan and I headed back to the barn, we listened to the rain as it fell on our heads and I listened to our feet fall on the gravel driveway as we walked together, through the woods, down the long, curving driveway, in the pitch black dark of night. Have you ever just let your heart and your dog lead the way, lead you back to your home, in the woods, not knowing what may be lurking as you walked past it? For me, it was trust, partnership, and was simply fantastic...Morgan my other "horse." LOL


Marion Princic said...

thanks for a good reminder Michelle! just what i needed to hear!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

My pleasure. :)