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Friday, October 14, 2011

First time in ages...

For the first time in ages, I spent time in the barn and wanted to be there. A hard reality to admit or realize. I think I've been over whelmed, sad, and just out of sorts---for months. I know this may sound bizarre considering how much I love my horses but, my work life has been so hectic and stressful that it is all I can do to come home and fall over, hopefully landing on the couch and not the floor, lol. My healthy living has gone by the wayside and continues to be a struggle (which makes me feel horrible on so many levels), my horses rarely see me (which makes me feel guilty), but my career is truly thriving (which makes me very pleased). We've had so many projects going on at the farm that my head has been spinning (not to mention Rick's--he's carried the majority of that responsibility). I don't know why or what happened but last night, I felt excited to walk to the barn and hang out, a feeling that has been gone far too long, a great feeling. I was out so late that Rick came looking for me and found me walking down the driveway, through the woods, in the dark (with no flashlight, lol), and yes, I was smiling.

The horses were actually out in the field most of the time but, I enjoyed straightening up, cleaning, and just hanging out, by myself, in one of my favorite places, the barn. My guinea hens, ducks, and chickens all came in and meandered around, calling out, we all had a good time--they are hilarious! Eventually, the horses came in and were treated to a gourmet meal, much-needed grooming, and they seemed to enjoy the time with me as much as I enjoyed it with them, they were nickering like crazy!

On my home to-do list (let's not even talk about my work to-do list) is to start eating healthy again without making excuses (planning will be key), resume my exercise routine (which probably will make me feel 100% better mentally and physically, almost immediately), catch up on my Parelli videos, trim hooves, get hay up for the winter, and so much more. However, rather than looking at a long list, just getting back to the basics of things that make me feel happy again, will be vital...get back on a healthy path and incorporating horse time in my daily routine again. I plan to look at everything like it was the first time all over again and I challenge you all to do the same...it should prove to make everything fresh and fun again. I hope you all are doing well. Check in if you have time!


Marion Princic said...

nice that you are back michelle. i missed you updates!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Marion, I hope you are doing well.