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Friday, September 16, 2011


Decompressing from a long, hard week...rode my horse, played with my dogs, now drinking wine and noshing next to a warm toasty fire (our first for the season thanks to Rick for making it). Horses are amazing and mine have been patient with my absence lately. My Sat-Mon were stellar, everything was great, work was super busy and productive (the way I like it), horse play, Zumba, Weight Watchers, fun with Rick, delicious gourmet meals, life was grand, and had I kept it up (health-wise that is), I'd have had a great weight loss for the week, Tuesday is a total blank, literally so busy I cannot remember it, and Wednesday was horrible on so many levels (and not all WW related--mostly work related), Thursday was tough, today a bit better.

Tonight, I am chilling out at home, doing what I want (including ignoring work stuff for once), and plan to not weigh-in tomorrow at the WW meeting. I know it won't be a loss and I have no reason to torture myself with a number that does not move or moves in the wrong direction. I have plently of other things going on to manage and a self-imposed left down is not my idea of loving oneself. Frankly my friends, by mid- week, my life was a mess and very difficult, I was a mess, I was human and fallible and on some levels, and at this point, I just don't care.

So tonight I am going to drink my bottle of wine and eat cheese and snacks, while sitting on my rocking chair in my riding pants, smelling like my horse, and finally feeling some sense of stress relief and control. I have to thank Fosse for allowing me to be his partner and for having fun riding around the property tonight--it was so much fun. I always feel like I am in another world, like I am free hen with the horses. I thank Rick for helping me finally feel better because he is the world's best husband and supports me through it all. And finally, I thank my colleague and friend Kevin for reminding me of what was truly important in life (my husband, animals, home, and all that I love). I look up to him because he;s mastered things I am still working on.

I'll try again this week, to be better in all aspects of my life, to give my 100% in everything I do, I promise.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Getting Back to Basics

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It has been a long time since I've posted.  I've literally had non-stop company at my house since around the first of August!  I was dealing with that and working, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and at my breaking point. It is not that I din't enjoy some of the time but every day, people at your house...not for me, sorry but it is not. It is one reason why opening up a horse business would not work, the constant stream of people would get to me, I love my privacy. I have not had a real vacation in years and better do something soon. Horse time?  I cannot remember what that is...well except for the other day when I got to play with Lola who seems to be completely oblivious that we had a relationship and that I was the leader.

Lola and I worked it all out, it ended well but, I had to dismount almost immediately because she was very ugly towards me when I simply asked her to back up...she rang her neck, tried to bite me, and even offered to bolt and buck should I not get off on my own.  I took it as an opportunity to reconnect and get back to basics.  How rude it was of me to ask for anything when all I'd been doing is mostly just cleaning and feeding her without really spending any quality time.  We played in the playground, round pen, in the yard, driveway, and even with the trailer.  Getting back to basics for us meant reestablishing herd hierarchy, playing the games and patterns, and learning to listen to one another.  Overall, a good session but one that was fraught with a lot of emotion...a good thing as it tested both of us and our relationship which is still on good terms, luckily. I didn't try to ride again by the way, I didn't have a desire and saw no point in it.

I need to get my life back on track and my mind back in the horse game, back in the healthier living game, and so much more.  I am in a true and horrible funk...I owe you all like 6 weekly tasks!  But, I think for now, I'll have to stop the weekly task thing because I am not active enough in the horse game at the moment to even be thinking about it.  So, I'll post things as them come but not on any kind of schedule anymore, I need to take the pressure (and guilt) off for now,  I hope you understand. I need to bet back to the basics in my life, planning, eating right, playing with horses, exercising, and spending time with Rick. (Oh, and working of course, lol.)

My plan...? I am menu planning some easy, light meals and also planning for horse time and physical activity--a fresh start. I've registered for Bangin' Bodies, Zumba I, and Zumba II at the University starting the week of Sept 19th. I am starting back at the gym on Monday come hell or high water! And, starting back on Sat I'll be back at Weight Watchers meetings and Zumba afterwards. I am also pledging 30 minutes a day with the horses doing something other than cleaning or feeding.  It does not sound like much but it is a start and fairly realistic. I have to do something...I feel just horrible lately. I am physically and emotionally drained and need a new start, a complete overhaul, an attitude adjustment. Rick reminded me of how great I felt when I was exercising, playing with the horses, and eating right (I think he feels cruddy too frankly). So, I am going back at it full force because for me, complete immersion is the only thing that works, I cannot just dabble in anything, I have to be totally focused and almost obsessed. (This may mean a few extra visits to the chiropractor but I don't care, I love my adjustments and my doctor!)

So that is the story, it is not a pretty one but an honest one.  Take care everyone, keep in touch, and do come back to the blog, I plan to post more often again! Sigh.
P.S.  I am working on a plan for a vacation or at the least, a weekend excursion with Rick and no one else.  I love my family but enough is enough...I need my personal life back...sorry to offend but it is reality.  I love my private life, my home with husband and critters off in the woods, in our own little world.