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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sisters can be so much fun!

I have to say that my sister can be so much fun! When we were kids, we really didn't get along at all. As adults, although we live completely different lives, we've been able to put our past behind us and enjoy together time when we see each other. This weekend was no exception.

Heather and I had all kinds of time together this weekend, we spent hours in the truck traveling, horse time, boating time, and more. Today, I want to tell you about the horse time. My sister loves my animals and they enjoy her very much as well. On Saturday, we decided to have some horse time. First, I lead her around on Fosse for a pony ride. He was a bit unamused at this but was a good sport. She had a short ride but felt that bareback was not her thing and decided to dismount. Instead, she played at liberty with the horses (and a pocket full of treats), and I rode the horses.
I first rode Fosse, bareback and with the natural hackamore. He was a bit aggravated with the flies but soon concentrated on riding the rail, going thorough obstacles, backing, etc. I asked for a trot and he eventually gave me one, it was nice but, his "go button" was not working all that well. I decided that my sister could help. I asked her to take the lead line attached to the hackamore and trot as I asked him to do the same. He took well to this medley of cues and off we went. We worked on transitions and had a grand time. We gave him a few cookies and that was certainly a welcomed treat. Lola and Whiskey walked and trotted too, at liberty, with the three of us...it must have been a sight to see!
Next, it was Lola's turn. When I mounted up, she stood quietly until she got bit by a nasty fly, she leaned in such a contorted way that I almost slid off! LOL Anyhow, once I regained my seat, off we went. We did much the same with Lola and she was delighted. She had been playing trot to and through obstacles with Heather at liberty when I was riding and so to add Heather to the mix with my riding time was unique and fun. Lola has a particularly lovely, smooth trot...she puts some gaited horses to shame! LOL We rode from here to there, also working on transitions, bending, backing, etc. It was a great time and Lola loved her treats!
Lastly, I gave Whiskey a quick spin working on walk/trot transitions using the rail and obstacles (without Heather as she was amusing Fosse and Lola again). Whiskey did well and I certainly enjoyed my time with him. He is very light when he is willing to partner and floats on air!
What I take away from this experience is great joy at feeling progressive with my horses, joy in knowing that I can have fun with Heather, and the satisfaction in knowing that creativity certainly makes everyone happy and successful! We may have looked strange to many traditional horse people but, we played and engaged, we walked away with all parties' dignity in tact, celebrated accomplishments, and walked away with smiles! Heather remarked that she got more of a workout than at the gym and that it was more fun too!

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