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Friday, July 22, 2011

Like and Angel O:)

Leadership, communication, partnership, keeping it real and ensuring principles are more important than your goals....Yes, you've heard this over and over, many times, and isn't it interesting that each time, it is in relation to a different scenario? The time I spent with Lola last night (after she bit my arm) was very valuable for our relationship (and worth the mosquito bites).

Today after work, I went home and had some farm time. It has really been a long and hot week so, to me, this was chill-out time doing what I love most, being outside with the critters and my sweet hubby. The chickens and guinea keats were doing great, scratching, fluffing, eating, Rick was splitting wood (and sweating heavily--it is still very hot here), and the horses were eating hay under a tree. Once they (the horses) saw me, they stopped and immediately came over to see me. I was clear with each as to how far into my space they were allowed, and even asked for a few minor things (at liberty). I then decided to check-in with Lola, one-on-one, using the 22 foot line and halter, carrot stick and string, just like last night. She was thoughtful, had a kind eye, never offered to rear, buck, squeal, rear, or bite. She very easily did all that I asked and circling was a breeze. She had a beautiful, collected, slow, trot, an animated but controlled walk, she disengaged easily, and never acted up, she was just an angel. I didn't use a treat to reward her, just a nice scratch and some petting of her face which she seemed to appreciate. She wasn't learning anything new and my friend Clare mentioned using treats only during a learning process so, I thought I'd give that a try (also, I remember something form the Horsenality Report about no treats for her but I cannot remember all the details at the moment--maybe treats only at certain times or something).

After the fun time, I proceeded to clean the barn and feed. Lola insisted on hanging out with me. I moved her around at liberty just using my hands and she was very good. She seemed to just want to be together despite the boys being outside. It was very satisfying and very nice. I do love my girl.

Well, time to make dinner and enjoy the doggies and Rick. I hope to do a little horse reading too. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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