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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Horsin' Peeps!

Rick and I have been working on the property (I will upload new pictures soon), making plans, and finding time to enjoy life. We are both feeling much better and thank goodness for that. I think that Rick has a little more progress to go with medications being adjusted but, at least he is home and not in a hospital! My back is doing great too (my chiropractor was the key).

We are still talking about building an indoor arena and discuss all kinds of plans with that (and drool when looking at brochures, lol). We also have put in another round pen (using push-in posts and 2 rails of 2" tape-unelectrified). I didn't buy the proper round coral as planned (unfortunately), maybe next year. However, thankfully, my temporary pen works very well for me. It is a great tool to use that ensures that I don't pish my horses through thresholds...if I did, frankly, they could bust through it or jump over it...but they don't because I am respectful, have a plan, and communicate with them. I have the big field and horse play ground all mowed and full of fun obstacles (looks like a park really--can you say gorgeous?!). We are really taking advantage of having the new workshop building and horse barn (it is so nice not to be crowded). There is other stuff going on but I cannot list everything here! :)

Even more importantly, I have been truly enjoying my horses. On July 4th, I was riding Fosse out in the big field (Whiskey and Lola in tow of course---when you don't have a lot of time, you try to make the most of it and keep everyone with you I guess). Anyhow, he was a bit more alert than usual but, he is very sensible and listens to my leadership. So, imagine this, Fosse and I are walking and exploring the newly mowed field, Whiskey and Lola are hanging around grazing and off blows fireworks (loud ones with lots of crackling) at the neighbor's house. Whiskey and Lola took off racing with their heads high. Fosse, thankfully, looked to me for a signal of what to do. I was glad too because of course, I was just riding bareback with a halter (I know, so lazy of me to never pull out my proper tack, lol, someday I will start doing that, I think). In any event, I walked him a little bit towards to other two, dismounted and released him. He paused and asked permission to leave, and of course, I said yes. The three went back to the barn area and front turnout. It was a good thing I stopped riding. Despite the sun still being out, the neighbor's had fireworks going like crazy. The horses were upset but, when I stood with them, they calmed down. I locked them in the front area to help give them a familiar, structured, and safe place. Morgan was with us by the way and totally unconcerned about the choas.

Just the other day, I enjoyed a little fun time that I'd like to share. I rode Lola bareback with a rope halter working on straightness going forward, stopping, and backing up). Whiskey and Fosse just clung to us, Fosse on our left and Whiskey on our right (at liberty) guess they were just trying to help keep Lola straight--she was a little annoyed but did very well--all good practice on so many levels! I just LOVE my horses as they are so much fun! Lola and I are always negotiating leadership and I am learning more and more just how far I can push her buttons while keeping our relationship strong. Whiskey and Fosse are just hilarious with her too, especially when I am mounted. They believe that should be hanging with us and they force her to cool her jets! :)

And today, what a fun day...horse trailer window shopping (looking at 3h/lq models), a nice drive through the mountains and lakes of the Adirondacks, and play/riding time with the horses. I first played with Lola at liberty working on walk/trot, side pass, backing, and more. Then, I rode her. This time, working on what we did the other day as well as steering, side passing, and patterns. She did fantastic. There were a few moments where she acted like she may want to start having a fit but, she kept her composure, I kept mine, we worked together, and had a great time!

All in all, the horses and I are really bonded together and enjoy all the time we have. No matter if it is just feeding and cleaning, grooming, play time, or riding. Take every moment you can to enjoy and love your horses...life is simply too short.

P.S. I've back-filled the weekly tasks as promised. April is a month long challenge posted on the first (not how I usually do it but it is a fun exception). Thanks for your support and patience.

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Shannon said...

We seem to be in a similar place - my husband and I have also been talking and planning for a future indoor arena and just last Friday were window shopping for a 4H/LQ trailer!! So funny when I read your post! I have also been soaking in the satisfaction of the strong bond I have with horses - it is such a peaceful, happy place to be. So glad things are going well for you and I look forward to reading all your backposts! Keep well, Shannon