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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missing You All

Good evening horse lovers. I am so sorry to have been away for so long. I cannot believe it has been almost a month! I have been thinking of you all and feeling guilty for not posting. I realize I've missed many weekly tasks too. I plan to back-fill them in on the blog since people look for them weekly.

Life has been really difficult and busy lately. I injured my back (not sure how exactly) and then, two days later, my husband had to go to the hospital becuase he could not breathe. Long story short, I am better (thank goodness for chiropractors), and he is better (it was his heart, definitely a life threatening scare, but he is okay now). There is some other stuff going on that is work-related too. So, basically, no horse time really, lots of stress, and challenges (that I met head on).

Today, Ioved the little horse time I got in tonight...snuggling with the horsies, riding Fosse, and trimming his hooves. He is really patient, standing there with his hoof in the hoof jack while I trim and assess his hooves (it takes me forever, especially when I am trying to protect my back). But, it is quality time for sure. Tomorrow night, Lola get's hers trimmed and Tuesday, Whiskey (Taking the time it takes to trim and protect my back from any stress).

My journey to better fitness is going okay, slow but still working at it. I am using WW Online and trying to make wise choices (not always easy for me, especially when if I neglect to plan). Rick is now working to be healthier too which really helps. This weekend, I have been able to start walking again since my back is better. I have to start all over again building up my endurance to exercise as if I never did it before...bummer but, I am up to the challenge.

So, I hope to get back to posting more frequently again and do apologize. I cannot imagine my life without Rick, without horses, without my doggies and kitty, without exercise, etc. These are the things that make my world go round! Please keep checking back and don't give up on me, I am here and still 100% Parelli!


Shannon said...

Sorry to hear that you have been facing some challenges this month! Especially with the good weather upon us - too bad we can't relegate all challenging times to the winter months so it doesn't infringe on our precious horse time! Glad you are on the road to wellness and your family is recovering too! How did you handle the transition from WW meetings to the online?? Do you find the online as effective as a physical weigh-in and meeting??

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I prefer the physical, in-person meetings most of the time but of course this is dependent on the leader and the group dynamics. Online tools are a great compliment to the in-person meeting. Online alone works if you are really focused (so for me this means half of the time). :)

Molly & Olive said...

Sorry to hear about your family challenges but you have such a great attitude! Keep your head up, I know you will do well..Just take the time it takes!